My Barbarian is wearing a transmogrified set of gear that I got by pre-registering for Diablo Immortal.

In this video, my Barbarian started out at Level 30. She talked with Deckard Cain about souls shards, and attempted to help him destroy them. Later, she completed some bounties.

A gold skeleton named Xarishflar has multiplied into three of him. My Barbarian is fighting them with two one-handed axes.

Charsi brought my Barbarian to a Level 2 Rift. She fought a gold skeleton named Xarishflar (who was a Community Manager for Blizzard).

The back of a large red demon with one hand raised in the air, ready to hit my Barbarian. My Barbarian is protected by a bubble shield that is outlined in gold.

The Rift Boss was a large red demon named Perdition. He spawned smaller enemies and spewed fire.

I completed some Westmarch Achievements:

Westmarch 10/16: Follow Charsi to the Challenge Rift.

Westmarch 10/16: Follow Charsi to the Challenge Rift

Westmarch 11/16: Earn 230 Battle Points

Westmarch 12/16 says "Reach Level 28".

Westmarch 12/16: Reach Level 28

Westmarch 13/16 says: "Complete Challenge Rift Level 1"

Westmarch 13/16: Complete Challenge Rift Level 1

Westmarch 14/16 says: "Upgrade 1 Item to Rank 3"

Westmarch 14/16: Upgrade 1 Item to Rank 3

Westmarch 15/16 says: "Meet the Hilts Trader"

Westmarch 15/16: Meet the Hilts Trader

A black and white portrait of a man with a bald head and long beard and mustache. He is wearing thick robes. His eyes are white, and it appears he has had an injury to his forehead.

Deckard Cain showed my Barbarian a portrait of Zoltun Kulle. This might be the start of a quest.

After that, my Barbarian went to a tavern and broke up a bar fight. She spoke with a Captain Rhem, who agreed to take her to the Shassar Sea. (However, my Barbarian wasn’t quite done with Westmarch, so that will have to wait.)

Instead, she completed some Dark Wood Bounties.

I unlocked information about the Bloodsworn in the Bestiary.

Bloodsworn: The Countess’s thralls battle the rogues of the Dark Wood with bows, wicked shields, and sawtoothed blades…

Bestiary quest is ready for me to unlock.

I earned a reward for unlocking a page from the Bestiary.

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