Opening screenshot from Diablo Immortal. It shows all of the character  types that a player can choose from.

In this video, my Diablo Immortal Barbarian started followed the glowing footprints to the Elder Rift. After that, she went around Sanctuary looking for monsters to slay. There is a video of this adventure at the bottom of this blog post.

My Barbarian fought an Elder Rift boss called Igonicus. It is a large, red, monster that belches fire.

The Elder Rift boss was Igonicus.

I completed an Elder Rift achievement.

I completed the Elder Rift.

In a second Elder Rift, my Barbarian fought Dread. I assume this is a reference to Dredscythe.

My Barbarian fought Vryss, who is probably a Necromancer.

This time, the Elder Rift boss was Vryss. She spawns green, floating skulls. She can also raise golems, and throw huge globs of blood all over the place. Vryss is likely a necromancer.

A Cycle's Turn Chest was offered as a daily reward. It is purchased with in-game currency (not real world money).

This is a Cycle’s Turn Crest. It is something players can obtain from the Hilts Vendor. Hilts are an in-game currency that the game gives to players. I purchased this one without having to use real-world money. Find the Hilts Vendor in the Immortal Overlook.

Cycle’s Turn Chest is a Daily Purchase (Limit 1/1). A mystery reward drops into your inventory. You can buy one chest per day during the week of Cycle’s End.

A small image of a fire is next to words that say "Complete 3 Side Quests". Below it is the word "Claim" and 30 currency that look like a round gold ball.

Complete 3 Side Quests

A box shows an adventurer who is about to fight something. The box says "Claim 8 Battle Pass Activities". Below it is a red rectangle that says "Claim" and shows 50 gold round currency.

Complete 8 Battle Pass Activities

One box is called Elder Rift. Inside are some objects I earned by completing it. The other box says Bounties, and shows some objects I earned by completing it.

I completed an Elder Rift achievement and a Bounties achievement.

I unlocked a drawing of a Night Howler in the Bestiary. The Night Crawler looks like a werewolf, standing up on its back legs. It is wearing shorts, shoulder with claws, and a claw weapon on its hand.

I unlocked the Night Howler in the Bestiary.

Not even the din of battle can drown out the awful baying of the night howlers. The sounds of their hunger…

Daily Activity Awards (0/3) was unlocked. The is a gold chest at the end that gives the players some more round gold currency.

Daily Activity Awards (0/3)

Shassar Sea 3/11 achievement says: Upgrade 1 Normal Gem to Rank 2

Shassar Sea 3/11: Upgrade 1 Normal Gem to Rank 2

A partial piece of a map shows a location that has a mark that look like the head of a cobra, ready to strike.

JenSoulstone: The Chamber of Wisdom… Very well.

This piece of a map was obtained by my Barbarian after she talked with Peth.

A round circle holds an orange image of what might be some sort of monster.

Kill 1,600 monsters

A box says Bounties at the top. The text in the middle says "Completed: 2/24"/ Below it are some rewards, including more gold round currency.

Bounties – Completed: 2/24

This piece of parchment was found in the Tomb of Fahir.

To future generations, learn from our mistakes. Fahir is no god, and today his reign of death is over! His abominations would not die, so they have been bound with their accursed creator. May he be forgotten. May our sounds seal this place forever. Let them be the last sacrifice in his name.

Another piece of parchment that starts with "Blessed be you.." It is found inside the Tomb of Fahir.

Blessed be you, O thousand souls, the King’s deserved sacrifice.

Through your gift of the spirit shall our god’s wonders be made manifest.

Rest eternally, knowing the Scepter shall guide our great kingdom forever.

Fahir's Command is a piece of a scepter. It is bronze colored, with some lines at the top and bottom. There are two red gems in this piece of the scepter.

Fahir’s Command is the item the player must obtain from the Chamber of Wisdom.

The first piece of parchment is now combined with the second piece of parchment. The second piece is marked with a red skull that is wearing some sort of helmet.

The second piece of the map comes from Zov, who waits for the player to exit the Chamber of Wisdom.

My Barbarian hit Level 35 immediately after handing Tabri the scepter piece.

A box says "Bounties" at the top of the box. Below that, it says "Completed 3/24".

Bounties – 3/24 completed

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