In this video, my Crusader started at Level 29. I tried out an Elder Rift for the first time.

It is possible to do an Elder Rift solo. Players can buy crests to add to the Elder Rift with currency obtained in the Elder Rift. Or, you can pay money for them. New players get a crest from a merchant as part of a quest. Naturally, I used that crest in the next Elder Rift.

The Elder Rifts are fun, with or without a crest. It appears that using a crest gives you more loot. Of course, I cannot be sure of that, having only done two Elder Rift.

Next, my Crusader did a quest that led her to the Jeweler’s shop. The helpers in there can sell the players some stuff. I didn’t have the right items to buy things yet. However, I was able to get the Apprentice Jeweler to socket some gems into my gear.

By the end of the video, my Crusader was at Level 30. She found Deckard Cain… who talked about Soulstones.

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