Art of the Mad King's Breach dungeon in Diablo Immortal. A light blue, glowing, portal on a brick, castle-like building, beckons you to enter it.

In this video, my Barbarian completed some Achievements connected to Ashwold Cemetery. This included fighting Lethes and The Skeleton King.

I figured out how to record the game through my iPad. This one includes all of the in-game sounds and music. Unfortunately, it did not pick up my voice. I’m hoping to work that out for the next video.

Achievements earned in this video:

Ashwold Cemetery 3/9: Talk to the Blacksmith and Salvage 1 item

Ashwold Cemetery 4/9: Talk to the Blacksmith and Upgrade 1 item to Rank 2.

Ashwold Cemetery 6/9Dungeon: Complete Mad King’s Breach

Ashwold Cemetery 8/9: Earn 40 Battle Points

Ashwold Cemetery 9/9: Reach Level 18

Ashwold Cemetery Guide Complete

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