The much anticipated Diablo Immortal launched on iOS and Android on June 1, 2022. Players who want to play it on PC had to wait until June 2, 2022. In this video, I go through the tutorial. Unfortunately, my video recording software did not pick up any of the in-game sounds.

The purpose of a tutorial is to help new players acclimate to how the game works. In general, this requires a player to make a character and send that character out into the world to complete (relatively) simple tasks. Those who didn’t get into the Diablo Immortal alphas would be starting from scratch when the game launched.

When I played in the Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha, the video recording software that I used to record the game on my iPad worked just fine. I thought it would work for the launch as well, but no. I ended up with a very chill tutorial video with no sound.

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