There is no way to be absolutely certain that a pollen season has ended.  I typically declare a pollen season to be over when I’ve had seven days in a row where the pollen was lower than 7. The pollen counts you see above are from September 24-29, 2017.  I would prefer that the pollen drops to below 6 for a while so I can start recovering.

The pollen count for September 30, 2017, was 5.9. That’s great!  I’m hoping it stays that way.  Given the data from the past week, I declare the 2017 Fall pollen season to be over.

Obviously, your pollen count results may be different from mine because you probably live somewhere else. I recommend using as a resource.  Give it your zip code, and it will tell you the pollen count where you live every single day.

While it is never fun to suffer through a pollen season, I feel like I did better than expected this time around.  As I’m typing this blog, it feels like I have a cold – but not a sinus infection.  That could change, so I’m trying to avoid pushing myself.

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