There are many achievements that you can earn in the Flight Rising game.  Some are for breeding dragons with a certain gene.  Others are for slaying a certain number of enemies in battle.

Then, there are some that are just fun and random.  Like, for example, the “Checkmate!” achievement.  All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

One of the things you can do in Flight Rising is gather stuff.  This is a good way to collect up enough food to feed your hungry dragons.  You can gather meat, seafood, bugs, and plants for the dragons to eat.  (Some breeds are pickier than others).

In addition to gathering food, you can Scavenge or Dig.  Each of these options will give you some random, non-food, items.  When I first started playing, I found a piece from a chess set.  Later, I learned that gathering chess pieces is how you earn the “Checkmate!” achievement.

Checkmate!: Collect a full chess set of 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 1 queen and 1 king of both colors. – Points: 20 – Earned: 2013-12-28.

I managed to find almost all of the required pieces on my own.  Most of them were found through scavenging.  A couple happened to be in some of the chests I opened.

The other night, I realized that I was two chess pieces away from earning the achievement.  I was missing 1 black king and 1 white queen.  The most efficient way to obtain them was to visit the Auction House.  Sure enough, there were plenty of chess pieces available.  So, I bought the two pieces I needed.  For some reason, the game didn’t give me the “Checkmate!” achievement until the next day.

This means that you do not necessarily have to wait until you randomly find all of the chess pieces.  You can use “treasure” (the in-game currency) and buy all the pieces from the Auction House if you want to.  It appears that it doesn’t matter how you got all the chess pieces, only that you have managed to obtain them all.

Here are some screenshots of what the chess pieces look like.  You can see that I have more than I need.

I have earned the “Checkmate!” achievement, so I don’t actually need to keep any of these chess pieces anymore.  What can I do with them?  There are several options:

* I could decide to keep them anyway.  In Flight Rising, your stuff doesn’t go into a “bank” it goes into your “Hoard”.  Dragons are hoarders.  I don’t have to get rid of the chess pieces.

* Sell them on the Auction House.  That’s where I found the last two chess pieces that I needed.  Other players are probably trying to do the same thing I did.  Maybe someone will buy them from me.

* Wait until Crim is looking for them.  You can find Crim’s Collection Cart in the Trading Post area. Every day, she will have five “deals” for you.  Come back later for five more “deals”.  She has asked for chess pieces before, but I didn’t want to trade them until after I earned the “Checkmate!” achievement.  I think you might get more for them from Crim than from the Auction House.

* Give them to your friends that haven’t earned the “Checkmate!” achievement yet.

* Sell them directly from your Hoard.  Click on all the chess pieces.  Click the “Sell” button at the bottom of the page.  Done!

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