Kitchen Scramble is a game where you put together virtual food.  There are different “towns” in the game, each with a bunch of levels that you must pass in order to move on.

Around Halloween, there was a new, temporary, town called Spooksburger. Players asked for a Christmas version. Playdom (makers of Kitchen Scramble) gave us Sweetzerland.

As you may have guessed based upon its name, Sweetzerland has players making Egg Nog, Fruit Cake, Cranberry Bread, Peppermint Chocolate Cake, Cranberry Sauce, and Baked Ham. There were also some foods that appeared both in Sweetzerland and in other towns in Kitchen Scramble. Sweetzerland appeared sometime in December, and will disappear around New Year’s Eve.

To access Sweetzerland, you had to click on the wreath that appeared at the bottom of the screen. Below it was a countdown. Small, white, snowflakes, came from the wreath. The snowflakes would cover the entire screen as you were transported to Sweetzerland.

Every town in Kitchen Scramble has “location goals”.  You get extra tokens if you complete a goal.  You need those tokens to pass through the toll gates in the towns.  Sweetzerland had specialized tokens that did not match the ones in the rest of the game.  This meant you had to play Sweetzerland long enough to earn enough tokens to make progress.

The “regular” towns all use the same kind of token as each other, so you can gather up enough from anywhere and use them to pass tolls in any town.  You cannot use the “regular” tokens in the temporary, holiday themed, towns.

These are the “location goals” for Sweetzerland.  This screenshot was taken not long after I had started working on completing these goals.

Sweetzerland only had one section in it.  Spooksburger had two sections, so it took longer to complete.  Some of the customers that appeared in Sweetzerland were dressed in winter clothing (hats, mittens, scarfs).  Others appeared in the clothing that they were in before Spooksburger appeared.

Some are still showing up in Halloween costumes.  The customer above, for example, is wearing a bride of Frankenstein costume.  So far, I haven’t had any customers in the “regular” towns in Kitchen Scramble show up wearing the winter clothing from Sweetzerland.  Many are still wearing their Halloween costumes, though.  It makes for a strange mix!

UPDATE: Correction, some of the customers are now showing up in their winter outfits from Sweetzeland in the “regular” towns of Kitchen Scramble.

So far, I’ve managed to complete two of the three “location goals”.

I’m still working on the Egg Nog goal.  I think I have about four days left before Sweetzerland disappears.  I’ve earned three stars in many of the levels in this town.  I don’t have to get all three stars in every level, but I will probably try and see if I can do that before the time runs out.

I have earned it, but cannot use it yet.  It won’t appear in the “regular” Kitchen Scramble game for me until I reach the brand new town of Cookiehagen.  I’m nearly done with Dessert Oasis, and there are several towns in between where I am and Cookiehagen.

Normally, I am not a huge fan of Christmas related stuff that appears in a video game.  I was intending to ignore Sweetzerland entirely.  But then, other players sent me a bunch of Candy Canes.

The Candy Canes are the Sweetzerland version of the Supplies that you use in the “regular” towns in Kitchen Scramble.  You use up 10 of them every time you play a level.

Run out, and you are stuck waiting for them to regenerate (or for other players to send you some more).  To my surprise, I ended up enjoying Sweetzerland much more than I expected to.  It was fun!

UPDATE: I managed to complete the third, and final location goal for Sweetzerland.

Here is a screenshot of how many stars I’d earned in Sweetzerland (before it disappeared).

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