The Cragward Custodian was the holiday Familiar for the 2016 Crystalline Gala. Each of the holiday festivals are connected to a specific Dragon Flight. The Crystalline Gala is for the Ice Flight.

The Crystalline Gala took place at the end of January of 2016. If you didn’t obtain the Cragward Custodian during the festival, you are going to have a hard time obtaining one. Your best chance is to check the Auction House (and expect high prices). All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

The Cragward Custodian is one of the acolyte Familiars (the current series of collectable holiday Familiars). In previous years, the collectible Familiars were bears or Sprites.

This is what the Cragward Custodian looks like.

Cragward Custodian: – Familiar – Elemental acolyte of the Icewarden.  (Crystalline Gala Holiday Item 2016.) – Sell Value: 0

I decided to give the Cragward Custodian to a dragon that was technically a Shadow Dragon.  I thought I had run out of Ice Dragons to give special stuff to, and his colors made him seem as though he was meant to be an Ice Dragon.  Players can assign Familiars and apparel to any dragon that has become an adult. (Hatchlings have to wait until they are grown before they get anything).

Achoo is a male Coatl.
Primary: Sky Iridescent
Secondary: Steel Seraph
Tertiary: Platinum Gembond

Achoo is wearing the Frigid Crown that was part of the  2016 Crystalline Gala festival.

Frigid Crown: – Apparel – A glorious crown awarded to dragons who have shown good leadership while visiting The Southern Icefield (Crystalline Gala Holiday Item 2016.) – Sell Value: 0

Players could also obtain the Frigid Emblem during the 2016 Crystalline Gala festival.  I already had one, and didn’t feel the need to purchase a second one.  I gave it to Necco, who actually is an Ice Dragon, back when I completed the Flight Rising Legacy Challenge. (He was my Founder dragon).

Frigid Emblem: – Apparel – A glowing ice rune; the sign of a true magical adept.  (Crystalline Gala Holiday Item) – Sell Value: 0

As far as I can tell, the Frigid Emblem will be available for players to purchase during every Crystalline Gala festival.  The Frigid Crown and the Cragward Custodian were only available during the 2016 Crystalline Gala festival.

There was also a Chillspike Crown that I failed to collect this year.  I ended up buying one from the Auction House.

Santos actually is an Ice Dragon (and will very likely end up with an Ice Familiar eventually).  He is wearing the Chillspike Crown.  It not only adds some Ice to the top of his head, but also adds ice to his neck, tail, and wings.

Chillspike Crown: – Apparel – This crown can be acquired by creating an icy empire or by standing out in a blizzard.  (Crystalline Gala Holiday Item 2016.) – Sell Value: 0

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