One of the things that I really like about Flight Rising is the artwork.  There are some very pretty dragons in this game.  Even the plain ones are nice looking.  You cannot keep them all, though.

If you exalt ten of them, you earn the Honorable achievement.  All the artwork in this blog is copyright of Flight Rising.

This blog will feature all of the dragons that I have decided to exalt in order to get the Honorable achievement.  I didn’t want to exalt the ones I had, and I didn’t want to buy a dragon from the Auction House just to exalt it.  The solution was to start breeding dragons and exalting the offspring.

The first pair of dragons I bred were Gilmore and Breeya.  I purchased Gilmore from the Auction House.  He was an adult when I bought him.  Breeya is the “only child” from a pair of dragons in my Lair.

Gilmore is a male Spiral.
Primary: Ivory Tiger
Secondary: Sky Shimmer
Tertiary: Beige Basic

Breeya is a female Tundra.
Primary: Splash Basic
Secondary:Banana Basic
Tertiary: Purple Basic

They only produced one egg!  This was disappointing.  I needed 10 dragons to exalt.

I decided to wait for her to grow up, so I could breed her and make more dragons.  I gave her the name Una.  (If she were a boy, I would have named her Uno).  My plan was that she would be the first dragon to be exalted.  (That didn’t happen).

While waiting for Una to grow up, I decided to breed another pair of dragons.  I selected Gracie (who someone randomly gave to me) and Reaper (a dragon I bought from the Auction House to be her mate.)

Gracie is a female Skydancer.
Primary: Steel Basic
Secondary: Blue Basic
Tertiary: Beige Blue

Reaper is a male Pearlcatcher.
Primary: Black Tiger
Secondary: White Stripes
Tertiary: Rose Basic

They produced three babies.  Now, I was getting somewhere.

All three of these babies were girls.  I named them Dos (2 in Spanish), Treyce (an intentionally misspelled version of Tres, 3 in Spanish) and Vier (4 in German).  Again, the plan was to exalt them all.  I decided to wait until they grew up.  Maybe one would turn out especially pretty?  I also wasn’t sure if I’d need to breed them in order to reach my goal.

Shortly after they grew up, I realized that I was running out of Lair space.  The next batch of dragons was on the way, and I had to make room for them.  Dos and Treyce were the first to get exalted to the Shadowbinder.  I forgot to make note of their genes before I exalted them!

This was when I learned that you get some treasure when you exalt a dragon.  It isn’t a huge amount, but every little bit helps.  Running total: 2 dragons exalted.

What about Vier?  I decided to keep her.  She is a female Pearlcatcher and I didn’t have one of those yet.  Vier also has  Obsidian Tiger as her primary.  (Her sisters didn’t have any “special” genes).

Already, my number scheme was ruined.  I was waiting on Una (1) to grow up so I could breed her.  Running out of room meant I exalted Dos (2) and Treyce (3) before Una.  Now, I was keeping Vier (4).  The solution to this problem required a Scroll of Renaming.

You can find the Scroll of Renaming in the Marketplace.  I suspect they might also be found on the Auction House.  You can only use a Scroll of Renaming one time (and then it disappears).  I used one to rename Vier.  She is now Violet.  There was a chance I would want to rename more dragons soon, so I bought a few more Scrolls of Renaming.

Things got a little crazy after that.  I had another pair of dragons breed, and their eggs were nearly ready to hatch.  While I waited, I started a third pair of dragons.  Unexpectedly, Flight Rising had an extend maintenance period to deal with some issues.  When Flight Rising was back up, all of these baby dragons were ready to hatch.  There were seven!

The next pair was Impulse (who has parents and a sibling in my Lair) and Viktoria (who I bought from the Auction House to be the mate for Impulse.)  I believed they would make some very nice looking dragons.

Impulse is a male Mirror.
Primary: Banana Tiger
Secondary: Leaf Eye Spots
Tertiary: Forest Basic

Viktoria is a female Ridgeback.
Primary: White Tiger
Secondary: Blue Seraph
Tertiary: Ice Basic

They produced four babies!  It seemed like my plan to exalt 10 dragons wouldn’t take as long as I thought it would.

This batch came out pretty!  I knew that I wasn’t going to keep all of them, but wondered if someone else might want a couple.  I put three of them (all but the yellow one) on the Auction House.  They came back to me, unsold.  Naturally, I put them back on the Auction House.  They boomeranged right back when the time limit ended.  Ok, fine, they were getting exalted!

The three that I tried to sell on the Auction House are, at the time I am writing this sentence, unnamed.  I suspect they will have to be given a name before I can exalt them.  The yellow one got named Nine (because I’d named the baby dragons from the other new batch with numbers already).  My number scheme wasn’t working out as planned.  For a while, I was considering keeping Nine.  Since then, I’ve decided I’d rather exalt dragons and get the achievement.

Here is how this batch looked as babies, and as adults.  I’m also noting their genes (just for fun).

Seven is a male Mirror.
Primary: Rust Tiger
Secondary: Teal Eye Spots
Tertiary: Ice Basic

He was exalted to the Shadowbinder.  Running total: 3 dragons exalted.

Ocho is a female Ridgeback.
Primary: Maroon Tiger
Secondary: Green Eye Spots
Teritary: Storm Basic

Ocho was exalted to the Shadowbinder.  Running total: 4 dragons exalted

Nine is a female Mirror.
Primary: Ivory Tiger
Secondary: Sky Eye Spots
Tertiary: Emerald Basic

Nine got exalted to the Shadowbinder.  Running total: 5 dragons exalted.  Halfway there!

Ten is a female Mirror.
Primary: Rust Tiger
Secondary: Splash Eye Spots
Tertiary: Mulberry Basic

Ten has been exalted to the Shadowbinder.  Running total: 6 dragons exalted.

The other batch of dragons (that hatched at the exact same time as the four above) came from entirely different parents.  I decided to breed Sunshine (who I bought from the Auction House) and Cocoa (who has parents in my Lair).

Sunshine is a female Guardian.
Primary: Gold Basic
Secondary: Gold Basic
Tertiary: Jungle Basic

Cocoa is a male Snapper.
Primary: Soil Basic
Secondary: Slate Basic
Tertiary: Green Basic

They produced 3 babies.  If I exalted them all, that would put me really close to the achievement. To help me remember that I decided to exalt them, I gave them number names.  Then, I decided to wait and see what they looked like as adults… and ended up keeping one.  Good thing I had another Scroll of Renaming!

The bright orange dragon was originally named Seven.  After she grew up, I decided that Sunburst was a better name.

Sunburst is a female Guardian. I’m keeping her!
Primary: Fire Basic
Secondary: Sand Basic
Tertiary: Green Basic

Cinco is a male Snapper.
Primary: Stone Basic
Secondary: Tangerine Basic
Tertiary: Swamp Basic

Cinco was exalted to the Shadowbinder.  Running total: 7 dragons exalted.

Six is a female Snapper.
Primary: Sand Basic
Secondary: Fire Basic
Tertiary: Avocado Basic

Six has been exalted to the Shadowbinder.  Running Total: 8 dragons exalted.

Almost there!  I still need to exalt two more dragons if I’m going to earn the Honorable Achievement.  My plan was to exalt Una after breeding her.  I picked Shen as her mate (mostly because they were unrelated).

Una is a female Tundra.
Primary: Sky Basic
Secondary: Denim Basic
Tertiary: Magenta Basic

Shen is a male Fae.
Primary: Grey Basic
Secondary: Violet Stripes
Tertiary: Carmine Basic

They produced 3 babies.  Now, I can exalt Una (as planned).

Una was exalted to the Shadowbinder.  Running total: 9 dragons exalted.

I still need to exalt one more dragon!  The easiest way to do it would be to exalt one of the three babies from the most recent batch.  All three were Tundra dragons, and all were male.  So, it came down to coloration.

Four is a male Tundra.
Primary: Black Basic
Secondary: Royal Basic
Tertiary: Magenta Basic

Four was exalted to the Shadowbinder.  Running total: 10 dragons exalted!

Honorable: Exalt 10 dragons from your lair. – Points: 10 – Earned: 2014-01-22

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