There are several Breeding Achievements in Flight Rising. Some of them involve hatching dragons that have a specific gene. The rest require players to obtain a certain type of Unhatched Egg.

It’s fun to see what kind of dragon comes out of the egg. The interesting part is that the dragon will officially have no parents (just like starter dragons have no parents). That means the dragon, once grown up, can be breed with any dragon in your Lair.

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There are two ways to obtain an Unhatched Egg. The most direct way is to figure out which of the Breeding Achievements you still need to earn and then buy that kind of Unhatched Egg from the Auction House. There is an Unhatched Egg that corresponds to each of the Dragon Flights.

The other way to get an Unhatched Egg is to use your Gathering points to try Scavenging. Pick the Dragon Flight that matches the Unhatched Egg you are trying to obtain, and try your luck.

Unhatched Ice Egg

Unhatched Ice Egg: Dragon Egg – A razor sharp egg crusted in hoarfrost. It is frigid and heavy, encasing a ferocious creature inside. A single crack is snaking its way along the shell. – Sell Value: 0

I prefer to purchase an Unhatched Ice Egg from the Auction House. It can sometimes be expensive. If you have the in-game currency to spend, the Auction House is the most reliable to get the Unhatched Egg you want. Obtaining the Unhatched Egg is enough to earn the Ice Egg Achievement.

Ice Egg: Find or obtain an unhatched Ice Egg. – Points: 20 – Earned: 2016 – 07 – 10

Players do not have to actually hatch the egg in order to earn the Ice Egg Achievement. It’s entirely possible to put it right back on the Auction House and hope that someone else will buy it from you. I decided to hatch this egg, because to me that’s more fun than trying to re-sell it.

Hatch Dragon Egg: You are about to hatch an Unhatched Ice Egg, There is no telling what the dragon inside will look like! This action is irreversible. Are you sure you want to continue?

The text serves as a “last warning” to players. If you reach this point, and find yourself having second thoughts about hatching the egg, you can click “Cancel”. Or, if you are ready to welcome a new dragon into your Lair (and have the space for it) you can click “Hatch”.

Dragons that come from Unhatched Eggs have no parents. So, this egg does not have to be tended to by dragons in the Breeding area of your Lair.  Instead, it instantly hatches and a baby dragon appears.

The Unhatched Dragon Egg cracks and splits open! A newborn Mirror Female shakes off the shell and opens its eyes.

Ighte is a female Mirror
Primary: Cerise Basic
Secondary: Strawberry Basic
Tertiary: Terracotta Basic
Eye Type: Ice Common

This is what Ighte looked like after she became an adult dragon.

I have yet to breed this dragon. The main reason is that I play Flight Rising a lot… and then stop for a while… and then return. As such, when I come back my dragons are starving.  It takes time to get enough food to bring them all back to full health. Dragons who aren’t at full health cannot breed.

I’m also unsure what Ighte’s babies would look like. She’s got a lot of bright, wild, colors that could potentially be passed on to offspring. Depending on the genes of the dragon she breeds with – this could result in some spectacular ugly babies.

Not long after Igthe became an adult dragon, I gave her a Familiar that unexpectedly matched well with her colors. Familiars are like pets for your dragons. Players can earn Treasure by clicking on each dragon’s Familiar once a day.

Rhodochrosite Crane

Rhodochrosite Crane: Familiar – A companion for the dragon who likes to outshine their fellows. – Sell Value: 2650

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