One of the things you can do with your dragons in Flight Rising is take them to the Coliseum and let them battle.  You can choose to battle against the dragons of other players, or you can have them fight against monsters in a non-player character (NPC) battle.

So far, I’ve stuck with playing against “the computer”.  My goal is to get at least one of my dragons to level 10.  That hasn’t happened yet, but I did earn the Warrior Achievement.  All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Last time I blogged about the level of my dragons, the highest ones were at Level 7.  This time, I’ve managed to get some of my dragons to Level 9.  Others have surpassed Level 7.

The majority of my dragons haven’t made much progress, and I have a bunch that I’ve never taken to the Coliseum.  The only way to level a dragon in Flight Rising is to take them to the Coliseum, so nothing will change for many of my dragons until they get into some fights.

My hope was to have at least one dragon at Level 10 by now. There is an achievement for getting one dragon to level 10.  More achievements can be earned when you get three dragons to Level 10, and when you get 20 of them there.  I have yet to earn any of those, but I did earn the Warrior Achievement.

Warrior: Defeat 1000 enemies in the Coliseum. – Points: 15 – Earned: 2013-12-26

The following dragons have reached Level 9:

Bulah is a female Fae. (Shadow)

Bob is a male Fae. (Shadow)

Shadowspawn is a female Guardian. (Shadow)

The following dragons are at Level 8:

Pepto is a female Fae. (Shadow)

Santos is a male Guardian. (Ice)

Legend is a male Tundra. (Ice)

Few is a female Imperial. (Shadow)

Smokey is a female Fae. (Shadow)

Sassafras is a male Mirror (Lightning)

The following dragons have reached Level 7:

Trixibelle is a female Fae. (Nature)

Darby is a male Wildclaw. (Light)

Tomato is a male Tundra. (Fire)

The following dragons have reached Level 6:

Gracie is a female Skydancer. (Shadow)

Zazu is a male Fae. (Shadow)

Reaper is a male Pearlcatcher. (Ice)

Gilmore is a male Spiral. (Wind)

Pepper is a female Snapper. (Earth)

Breeya is a female Tundra. (Shadow)

The following dragons have reached Level 5:

Sunshine is a female Guardian. (Light)

Cocoa is a male Snapper. (Shadow)

Arjana is a female Fae. (Shadow)

The following dragons have reached Level 4:

Laserbeak is a male Imperial. (Shadow)

Viktoria is a female Ridgeback. (Lightning)

Jade is a female Mirror. (Shadow)

No dragons are at Level 3.  The following dragons are at Level 2.

Thistle is a female Fae. (Shadow)

India is a female Fae. (Shadow)

Impulse is a male Mirror. (Shadow)

The rest of the dragons in my Lair are all at Level 1 (which is the level each dragon automatically starts at).  My plan is to focus on the dragons that are currently at Level 6 or higher until they reach Level 10.  The dragons that are now at Level 1 are not going to see the Coliseum for… at least another month.

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