The Molten Marauder was the holiday Familiar for the 2015 Flameforger’s Festival. Each Festival is connected to a particular Dragon Flight in Flight Rising. This one celebrates the Fire Flight. The 2015 Flameforger’s Festival took place during the last week of August 2015.

The holiday items that were part of this festival could only be obtained with the Glowing Ember currency. Players can obtain it from random drops in Gathering or as random prizes in the Coliseum. It is also possible to craft some at Baldwin’s Bubbling Brew.

Although I wasn’t able to purchase everything offered during this Festival, I did pick up some cool stuff. I’m hoping that one I missed will be available next year when this holiday returns. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

This year, the holiday Familiars are all some sort of warrior or guardian.  (They are officially described as “acolytes”.) The ones that I have seen so far look fantastic, and I will be trying to obtain the rest of them as the year goes on.

This is what the Molten Marauder looks like.   It’s sort of like lava that has become sentient.

Molten Marauder: – Familiar – Elemental acolyte of the Flamecaller.  (Flameforger’s Festival Holiday Item 2015.) – Sell Value: 0

I decided to give the Molten Marauder Familiar to one of my Spiral dragons.  She isn’t really a Fire dragon, but could visually pass for one.

Naranja is a female Spiral dragon.
Primary: Orange Speckle
Secondary: Rust Eye Spots
Tertiary: Splash Basic

I bought Naranja from the Auction House back when I was looking for a very orange dragon.  She is from the Leaf Flight.  My Dragon’s Lair is part of the Shadow Flight.  The crown she is wearing on her head is part of the special items from the 2015 Flameforger’s Festival.

Searing Crown: – Apparel – A glorious crown awarded to dragons who have shown good leadership while visiting the Ashfall Waste.  (Flameforger’s Festival Holiday Item 2015.) – Sell Value: 0

I had enough Glowing Ember currency to buy another piece of special apparel – the Searing Emblem.  Naranja was already wearing a crown on her head, so I gave it to Tomato.  I got him through the Forum in a trade.  The name of the Forum was “Ugly Baby Swap Station”.

Searing Emblem: – A glowing fire rune; the sign of a true magical adept.  (Flameforger’s Festival Holiday Item.) Sell Value: 0

Why didn’t I give Tomato the Molten Marauder?  It is because he has the Flameforger’s Festival 2015 Holiday Familiar, the Magma Embear.

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