Last year, Flight Rising did an event called Night of the Nocturne. It lasted from December 25, 2014, to January 4, 2015. This year, Night of the Nocturne returned. I’m not sure what day it started, but it ended on January 2, 2016.

Last year, I obtained two Nocturne dragons (one male and one female). I didn’t feel the need to put in an effort to obtain more this year. Instead, I ended up with some other cool stuff. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

At the time this year’s Night of the Nocturne, I was working on leveling some of my dragons to Level 10. This gave me plenty of opportunity to encounter some of the Mimic Monsters that could drop special loot.

Painted Maironette Mimic Monsters

Unlikely Alliance Mimic Monsters

Snarling Mimic  Mimic Monsters

Smoldering Sconce Monsters

I was lucky enough to find some of the holiday Familiars in Strange Chests.

Spellbound Tome: – Familiar – Using deft wings to dart here and there, this magical book just won’t let anyone read it.  – Sell Value: 1500

Unlikely Alliance: – Familiar – An orbiting collection of opposing elements.  Each clash emits a dangerous wave of unstable energy.  – Sell Value: 1500

Axe Mimic: Sure, ‘collector’s item’ you might say.  Might we suggest an axe that doesn’t have teeth and eyeballs? – Sell Value: 1500

Veiled Vision: The harpy beast clan often treats these spirits as natural allies, preferring to use their resemblance to scare away enemies. – Sell Value: 1500

This year, players could craft a special holiday Familiar.  It was called Agol.  I’d never bothered to craft a Familiar before, and thought that the experience would be tedious.  Instead, it was quite fun!

The required components are: one Silver Muck, one Gold Muck, three Green Goo, one Coarse Alchemical Reduction, and one Glass Beaker.  The Green Goo is the easiest to obtain.  All players needed to do was Transmute a food item.

To get the Silver Muck, or the Gold Muck, players have to Transmute a Familiar.  To me, it appears random as to whether you end up with a Silver Muck or a Gold Muck.  I was able to get two Silver Mucks, but had resort to buying a Gold Muck from the Auction House.

The Course Alchemical Reduction, and the Glass Beaker, each require players to gather components that must be Transmuted in order to craft them.  To craft a Course Alchemical Reduction, you need one Green Sludge.  To get it, you Transmute an item that is in the Material section of your Hoard.  It also required 3 Smoky Quartz, which randomly drop when a player is doing other things.  You probably have some of this item in your Hoard.

The Course Alchemical Reduction also requires a Glass Beaker, which players have to craft.  To make one Glass Beaker, players need one Green Ooze (which you get from Transmuting a Material item), one Green Sludge (which you get from Transmuting a Trinket) and 4 Broken Bottles.  The Broken Bottles are probably in your Hoard.  Put all of that together, and you end up with 2 Glass Beakers.  One is required to make the Course Alchemical Reduction, and the other is required to make the Agol Familiar.

I know that this all sounds really tedious and time consuming, but it didn’t feel that way at all.

After you get all of that stuff together, it is time to craft the Agol.  The little window above appears, just to make sure you wish to continue.

You are about to create Agol.  You will receive 156 alchemy experience, and this process will permanently expend the following ingredients from your hoard.

It will, obviously, use all the items that are needed to make the Agol.  It also costs players 3,000 Treasure.  The Agol takes two hours to create.

Agol: – Familiar – A backwards thinking creature.   – Sell Value: 0

The Agol’s description may sound strange, but it makes sense in context.  The Agol Familiar is a Mimic of a the Loga Familiar.

Loga: – Familiar – For the second anniversary, it is customary to exchange loga.  No one is sure who thought this tradition was a good idea.  (2015 Anniversary Familiar) – Sell Value: 0

One of the Strange Chests I opened contained a Conjurer’s Cloak.  I knew exactly which dragon should wear it.

Voltt is a male Tundra
Primary: Obsidian Basic
Secondary: Splash Basic
Tertiary: Coral Basic

Conjurer’s Cloak: – Apparel – A rough, heavy patchwork cloak woven from aged linen. It feels as though the material was one heavily enchanted. – Sell Value:0

Voltt is also wearing Navy Arm Wraps, Black Linen Leg Wraps, and a Grey Wizard Hat.  I gave him the Spellbound Tome Familiar.  All together, it feels like Voltt could blend into a Harry Potter inspired story.

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