Flight Rising has holiday events that take place every month. Most of the events are connected to a specific Dragon Flight. There is a brand new, collectible, holiday Familiar that can be easily obtained while the holiday is happening.

The Sprites were the holiday Familiars during the 2013-2014 cycle of holiday events. All of them have been retired. The only way to obtain the ones you do not have is to buy them from the Auction House.

I managed to collect five of the eleven Sprite Familiars while they were available. Someday, I’d like to collect up enough Treasure and/or Gems to purchase the ones I am missing. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Players can level up Familiars. The highest rank is called “Awakened”. Once a Familiar is “Awakened”, it will stop leveling. That means it won’t give out any more chests, but it will continue to give out Treasure.

Ice Sprite: – Entourage of the Icewarden.  (Crystalline Gala Holiday Familiar 2014.)

Shadow Sprite: – Entourage of the Shadowbinder. (Trickmurk Circus Holiday Familiar 2014).

Wind Sprite: – Entourage of the Windsinger.  (Mistral Jamboree Holiday Familiar 2014.)

Water Sprite: – Entourage of the Tidelord.  (Wavecrest Saturnalia Holiday Familiar 2014.)

Nature Sprite: – Entourage of the Gladekeeper.  (Greenskeeper Gathering Holiday Familiar 2014.)

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