paragon-level-10-portraitA player who goes from Paragon 1 to Paragon 100 unlocks a total of 10 Paragon Portraits. They flash by on the screen as the player is fighting a mob. This makes it hard to take a close look at them. Players who have gotten many characters to Paragon 100 – and beyond – might not care about the corresponding portraits.

You could stop by the in-game Wardrobe and take a look at all of the portraits that you have unlocked. I doubt most players spend a lot of time with the Wardrobe. It takes seconds to pick a portrait frame and get back to fighting demons.

In this blog, I have collected screenshots of all the portrait frames players can unlock as they go from Paragon 10 to Paragon 100.

I’ve always thought it was cool that Blizzard took the time to create special portrait frames as players level through their first 100 Paragon Points. They didn’t have to do that. It feels like a little reward when I unlock another one. I like the details that each has.

paragon-portrait-10Paragon 10paragon-portrait-20Paragon 20paragon-30Paragon 30paragon-40Paragon 40paragon-50Paragon 50paragon-60Paragon 60paragon-70Paragon 70paragon-80Paragon 80paragon-90Paragon 90paragon-100Paragon 100

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