Diablo III does not have any in-game world events that resemble real world holidays. Perhaps to make up for that, the @Diablo Twitter account has been putting together some holiday related tweets.

In October, there was a cute (and creepy) story called Queen Asylla’s Trick or Treat Tour. In December, they put together a story involving Kadala and and Legendary items. Who doesn’t love Legendaries? I think the title of this story is “Gifts from Kadala”.

The story is not exactly a “twelve days of Christmas” sort of thing, but kind of feels like it. Overall, I think this was a cute way to show off some Legendary items to players who are new to the game and might not know about them. It also reminds current players of the Legendary items that can now be put into Kanai’s Cube.

I like that Diablo has featured two female NPC (non-player characters) in their little holiday stories. Queen Asylla is one of my favorites, and Kadala is one that most people love to hate. Maybe to even things out, they should pick an interesting male NPC for upcoming stories. (I’ve no clue what those stories would look like).

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