I’m picking up this blog where the previous one left off. My Barbarian, Zeta, is somewhere in Act IV (Normal Difficulty) in Diablo III. She is still at level 30.

Diablo gloats about how corrupted the Gardens of Hope have become.

Diablo: Look upon these gardens.  Now they seethe with the corruption of Hell!

Zeta entered the Hell Rift and got Garden of Heavenly Delights: Explore the following areas in the Gardens of Hope: The Diamond Gates, The Vestibule of Lights, Gardens of Hope First Tier, Library of Fate, and Hell Rift.


Diablo: So, you approach the oculus with the aim to destroy it?  You will not succeed!

Auriel gives you a portal back to Gardens of Hope First Tier.

Checkpoint! Gardens of Hope Second Tier

Zeta has reached Level 31!

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