This morning, I decided to see if I could get my Barbarian, Zeta, through the last part of Act III. Things went really well!

I started here, at The Bridge of Korsikk. Zeta, my Barbarian was at level 28.

Talk to The Guard of the Keep, and a bunch of flying demons swoop down and attack.

A Smash Hit:  Destroy Azmodon’s War Machines.

Vision of Azmodan: I do not need my siege weapons to slay you.  You stand in the middle of the army of Hell.  It will crush you.

Zeta is tired of dealing with Azmodon.

Zeta: I have defeated you upon the walls of the keep.  I have crushed your siege weapons on the battlefield.  Now I come for you.

Best Dressed: Equip a Socketed item in the following slots:

helm with socket, leg armor with socket, amulet with socket, chest armor with socket, weapon with socket, ring with socket.  It was the amulet that triggered the Achievement for me.

Found a random dungeon called “The Icefall Caves”

Bloatgut – Patron of the Mad

The Icefall Caves had two levels.

Alot the Immortal

I figure the name is pronounced “Al – lot”. The writer in me wants to correct the “typo” so it says “A Lot the Immortal”.

Found Tyrael at Rakkis Crossing

Azmodon’s glowing head comes to taunt us, yet again.

Vision of Azmodan: Destroying my siege weapons makes little difference!  Every hour, more of my forces pour forth from the mouth of Hell.  Soon, they will wipe your pathetic keep from existence.

Tyrael: Forward, friend!  Now we shall drive Azmodan’s army back into the accursed crater!

Zeta: We labored hard to reforge your Sword of Justice.  I look forward to finally seeing you weird it!  Let us make haste!

Checkpoint! Tyrael is coming with me and my Templar. Yay!

Talk to Private James. This starts an event.

Zeta is now Level 29!

Talk to Lieutenant Gryffith when you get to the top.

Crazy Climber event

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