This is Humbart Wessel. I got him from a Menagerist Goblin in March of 2018 while I was streaming on Twitch.

The flavor text on Humbart Wessel says: A brave warrior with many opinions, Humbart journeys still through the mortal plane, sharing his version of wit and wisdom.

The Menagerist Goblin that dropped Humbart Wessel. Only Menagerist Goblins can drop pets. No other type of Goblin does it.

This very blurry screenshot is from the Twitch clip above. It is easy to spot the Menagerist Goblin. It is wearing a blue hood, and carrying a blue bag.

When a Menagerist Goblin drops a pet, the item is a Legendary item. So, if you just slayed a Menagerist Goblin, and see a Legendary item with an uncommon name – make sure you pick it up.

The Humbart Wessel item says: Is this skull wreathed in a purple haze?

Here is my Necromancer with Humbart Wessel.

Who is Humbart Wessel? He’s actually a very interesting character that hangs out with Zayl, a necromancer that is beloved by many people who have read the Diablo books.

The Book of Tyrael has this to say about Zayl and Humbart:

By all accounts, the necromancer Zayl is an unwavering adherent to the philosophies of his order, tirelessly working to ensure that the powers of neither the Hells nor the Heavens hold too much sway over the mortal realm. It appears he is also a well traveled and learned individual, for stories tell of his exploits from the lost city of Ureh to the kingdom of Westmarch. In each of these cases, it seems he has worked hard to thwart the efforts of persons delving into demonic – or other dark – arts.

It is said that Zayl possesses a number of strange and powerful artifacts. Among them is a skull, to which is bound the spirit of a mercenary named Humbart Wessel. Communing with spirits is a common practice among necromancers, but usually, these interactions are short-lived. I find it interesting that Zayl keeps the skull and its spirit among his possessions.

Zayl and Humbart first appear in the book Moon of the Spider, written by Richard Knaak. They return in Diablo III: Storm of Light, written by Nate Kenyon.

UPDATE: I finally was able to find Zayl and Humbart Wessel in the Blood Marsh. This means it is possible for Humbart Wessel to appear in two places in Diablo III – with Zayl – and with the player character.

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