Loveville is a Valentine's Day town. The majority of the town is pink. There is a winding road going through it with a total of ten levels the player can play through.

Loveville is an “extra” town in Kitchen Scramble. The theme of this town is Valentine’s Day. This is a town you can skip if you aren’t interested in it. Or, you could play through it and possibly earn some prizes.

Chef Crisp explains to the player that Loveville is for a limited time only.

Chef Crisp: Play Loveville for a limited time only! Earn special rewards, such as star tokens, power ups or boosts, and premium ingredients, by passing through each Golden Heart Gate. If you pass the final gate, you’ll earn existing powerups and boosters!

Chef Crisp tells the player that time is running out in Loveville.

Chef Crisp: Time is running out……..Once Loveville expires, you can no longer earn the rewards.

For some reason, the people who made Kitchen Scramble sometimes end up with strange typos in the text that the characters say. I’ve no idea why they needed so many extra periods at the end of the first sentence and before the second sentence.

Chef Crisp points out that Loveville requires requires Sugar Candies.

Chef Crisp: Loveville requires Sugar Candies, not Supplies, to play each level.

The majority of the towns in Kitchen Scramble require Supplies (which look like a bag of groceries). You can’t use Supplies in any of the extra towns. Instead, you have to use whatever a specific town’s version of Supplies happens to be.

Chef Crisp tells the players about the various ways they can obtain Sugar Candies.

Chef Crisp: Friends can give you Sugar Candies as a gift, or you can purchase Sugar Candies from the store. Your Sugar Candies supply will also replenish itself, but not as quickly as your Supplies do.

If you click on the top of the map in Loveville, where the Sugar Candies are located, the game gives you a pop-up. It asks you to spend your Kitchen Cash to refill the Sugar Candies. Or, you can watch a video and perhaps get some Sugar Candies that way. I don’t really know, because I’ve never tried doing that.

The Kitchen Cash is valuable because it can be used to level up your appliances. Watching a video means you have to allow Kitchen Scramble to show you an ad. The friends Chef Crisp mentioned appear to be people on Facebook. I don’t use Facebook, so I’m not sure if that pop-up will work anymore.

Chef Crisp warns the player that when Loveville ends, the Sugar Candies will be gone.

Chef Crisp: Once Loveville expires, your Sugar Candies will be gone, so try to use it all up!

In other words, you cannot collected up a bunch of Sugar Candies and store them for next year.

Loveville starts out with all but one of the levels on the road greyed out. Each of those has a lock on it.

Loveville starts out with the first level unlocked. To access the rest of the levels, the player must earn at least one star in each. The goal is to get (at least) ten stars so you can unlock a gate and receive prizes.

Goddess of Love welcomes Pepper to Loveville.

Goddess of Love: Welcome back Pepper! It is the season of love again and people are waiting for your special valentine dishes.

Goddess of Love also appears in Phylodophia, a town with recipes that appear to be based on Greek cuisine. The storyline for that town involves the Goddess of Love trying to choose a caterer for a wedding.

Pepper tells Goddess of Love that she is happy to be here.

Pepper: Happy to be here my lady, and don’t worry the people in Loveville have a lovely feast filled with love and care.

Goddess of Love tells Pepper that she is counting on her.

Goddess of Love: I’m counting on you Pepper and I know you will not let me down.

Pepper says she better start cooking.

Pepper: Better start cooking before people get too hungry.

New recipes for Level 1 are:

A red velvet cupcake sits on a white plate. The bottom of the cupcake is wrapped in paper. The top of the cupcake is red. It has white frosting with two red hearts on top.

Red Velvet Surprise

A poached egg has been formed into a heart shape. It is sliced into two pieces. One slice has an egg-yoke shaped center. The other has two small yellow hearts made of egg yoke.

Special Poached Egg

Valentines Toast includes a very thick slice of bread that is heart shaped. A pat of butter melts on top.

Valentines Toast

The Special Strawberry Milk Shake is served in a tall glass, It has a striped straw sticking out of the top. There is a lot of whipped cream at the top of the glass. A slice of strawberry is on the edge of the glass. The milk shake is pink.

Special Strawberry Milk Shake

A tea mug has been designed to look like a strawberry. It is red, with yellow spots on the outside. Inside is a red tea made from a strawberry and hot water.

Special Strawberry Tea

Pepper holds up one spoon. Her apron is messy. She holds a pink dishcloth in the other hand. The box shows two gold stars.

I got two stars on Loveville Level 1!

The rewards included 50 gold and two Tokens (that are only usable in Loveville). The Tokens have an octagon shape with a red heart in the center. A player needs to collect ten of them to unlock the first Token Gate.

New recipes for Level 2 are:

A very red Strawberry Daiquiris is in a clear martini glass. There is a strawberry floating in the drink. A striped bendy straw sticks out of the glass.

Strawberry Daiquiris

A red colored Strawberry smoothie is in a tall glass. A strawberry sits on top of it. A blue, straight, straw sticks out of the top of the glass.

Strawberry smoothie

The Strawberries and Cream Pancakes are shaped like hearts. The top of the pancakes have a light pink frosting with red dots. A strawberry, and two slices of strawberry sit next to them. The food is on a white plate with scalloped edges.

Strawberries and Cream Pancakes

Pepper holds up two spoons and looks happy. Confetti falls down on her. The box shows three gold stars.

I got three stars on Level 2!

Pepper looks happy and holds up two spoons. The box shows three gold stars.

I got three stars on Level 3!

New recipes for Level 4 are:

A Strawberry Tart sits on a white plate that has a carved pattern along the outside. A pie crust holds a large amount of strawberries, each of which is sliced in half and standing up within the pie crust.

Strawberry Tart

Special Egg Benedict has a thick slice of toast that is shaped like a heart. In the center is an egg that is also shaped like a heart. It sits on a small blue plate.

Special Egg Benedict

Pepper holds up a spoon. Her apron is messy and she holds a pink dishcloth. The box shows two gold stars.

I got two stars on Level 4!

New recipes for Level 5 are:

Valentine Night Strawberry incudes four strawberries that are covered in whipped cream. In the center of them is a small bowl with more whipped cream. All of it sits on a light blue plate with a dark blue edge.

Valentine Night Strawberry

Two large brownies are stacked on a white plate.

Chocolate Saucepan Brownies

A heart shaped cinnamon roll sits on top of a square blue plate.

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

Pepper holds up one spoon. Her apron is messy. She holds a pink dishtowel. The box shows two gold stars.

I got two stars on Level 5!

The first half of Loveville is completed. A Token Gate blocks the path to the second half.

I was now halfway through Loveville. There is a Token Gate that blocks my path to the second half.

The Golden Heart Gate requires players to have 10 Tokens. I had 12.

The first Golden Heart Gate requires the player to have at least 10 Tokens. I had 12, so I was able to pass through this gate. The extra two Tokens would give me a good start towards opening the second gate.

A box shows the three rewards I got for passing the Golden Heart Gate.

The rewards for passing through the first Golden Heart Gate are: 5 golden spatulas, 5 hams, and 5 bags of sugar.

I got one star in Level 6 of Loveville

I got one star on Level 6.

I got one star on Level 7.

I got one star on Level 7.

Pepper has her arms crossed. Her apron is messy. The box shows one star on Level 8.

I got one star on Level 8.

Pepper has her arms crossed. Her apron is messy. The box shows one gold star.

I got one star on Level 9.

Pepper's arms are crossed. The box shows one gold star. At the top of the screenshot, it shows I served 5 Valentine Night Strawberry desserts.

I got one star on Level 10. It wasn’t easy. This level required players to serve at least 5 Valentine Night Strawberry desserts to customers. I had to re-do this level a few times before the game gave me enough players who requested it.

The second Golden Heart Gate would not let me go through it. A pop-up informed me that I could buy more Star Tokens.

The last thing I needed to do was go through the second Golden Heart Gate. I started the second half of Loveville with an extra two Tokens, and I earned a total of five Tokens. It wasn’t enough. After several more attempts to earn the Tokens, and failing to do so, I gave up trying. I spent 5 Kitchen Cash to get 10 Tokens.

The reward for going through the second Token Gate are 5 Heart Blasts, 5 instant dishes, and 5 fire extinguishers that prevent food from burning.

The rewards for going through the second Token Gate were: 5 Heart Blasts, 5 Instant Dishes, and 5 fire extinguishers that prevent food from burning.

Goddess of Love tells Pepper that feast was wonderful.

Goddess of Love: That was a wonderful feast Pepper! You never fail to impress.

Pepper tells Goddess of Love "Thank you!"

Pepper: Thank you! I guess it’s time to head back out.

Goddess of Love tells Pepper "keep spreading the love".

Goddess of Love: I suppose so, but remember you don’t need a special reason to love the people you care about. Keep spreading the love in your travels Pepper.

A map of Loveville that shows how many stars I got in each level.

This is what Loveville looked like after I decided I was done with it. Maybe by next year, I’ll have the rest of my appliances leveled up to the gold versions of them. That should make things easier.

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  1. Thanks to your detailed article about the extra levels, I know I won’t bother with them. I’d keep trying if the final reward was some Cash, but in regular lvls I don’t even use extinguishers. so I’m out of here. You definitely need all golden appliances, and maybe not even then!

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