Melody Fest is one of the “extra” towns in Kitchen Scramble. It appears sometime in August, and only lasts for a limited amount of time.

Melody Fest appears to be a town with an economy that is based entirely on tourism. The event it holds is called Melody Fest, which seems to be based on Coachella, or Lollapalooza.

Every new town in Kitchen Scramble starts with a tutorial which is presented by Chef Crisp. This started in the very first Kitchen Scramble town.

Chef Crisp: Play Melody Fest for a limited time only! Earn special rewards, such as star tokens, power ups or boosts, and premium ingredients, by passing each Melody Gate. If you pass the final gate you’ll earn exciting powerups and boosters!

Chef Crisp: Time is running out……..Once Melody Fest expires, you can no longer earn the rewards.

For some reason, the person writing the script for Kitchen Scramble likes to add a lot of extra punctuation.

Chef Crisp: Melody Fest requires Glow Sticks, not Supplies, to play each level.

Chef Crisp: Friends can give you Glow Sticks as a gift, or you can purchase Glow Sticks from the store. Your Glow Sticks supply will also replenish itself, but not as quickly as your Supplies do.

Chef Crisp: Once Melody Fest expires, your Glow Sticks will be gone, so try to use it all up!

There is a new character introduced in Melody Fest, and I wanted to know what his name was. The Kitchen Scramble Wiki has a list of customers, but this new guy did not appear on the list. This led to some digging around.

The Kitchen Scramble Facebook account posted on August 18, 2019, about Melody Fest. As far as I can tell, this is a brand new addition to Kitchen Scramble. This explains why the Wiki didn’t have the new character in it. (I don’t think the Wiki has been updated in a long time.)

It also means that PopReach is making an effort to add new content to Kitchen Scramble after all. This is reassuring, because I’m not finished with the game yet, and would like to complete it. PopReach adding new stuff means they think the game will be around for a while.

Rocker: Welcome to Melody Fest, Pepper. Hope you like some great music.

As I mentioned, I couldn’t find an official name for this new character. I’m gonna call him Rocker. He got the look, and many Kitchen Scramble characters are named after what they do.

Pepper is the player character. I cannot think of a better place for her Food Truck to travel to than a music festival.

Pepper: Who doesn’t? I have heard of the fest so much and always wanted to visit.

Pepper seems to be overly excited to be at this festival. “I have heard of the fest so much” doesn’t make much sense. She appears to be stumbling over her words.

Rocker: Well, you made it this time, and I’m glad that you did, cause it means there will be some great food to go with the music.

Pepper: You can count on me for that.

The minimal story line in Melody Fest makes it sound as though the festival only happens once a year. How does this town survive the rest of the year? Melody Fest must be incredibly lucrative for the locals!

This is what Melody Fest looks like when the player starts it.

New recipes introduced in Level 1 of Melody Fest are:


Home Fries


Fried Butter

Mango Crush

I got one star on Level 1 of Melody Fest.

This is what the inside of the Food Truck looks like in Melody Fest.

New recipes introduced in Level 2 of Melody Fest are:

Bacon Steak

Mango Strawberry Crush

I got two stars on Level 2 of Melody Fest.

New recipe introduced in Level 3 of Melody Fest is:

Berry Blast

I got three stars in Level 3 of Melody Fest.

New recipes introduced in Level 4 of Melody Fest are:

Lemon Fizz

Watermelon Fizz

Peach Crush

I got three stars on Level 4 of Melody Fest.

New recipes introduced in Level 4 of Melody Fest are:

Pineapple Lemon Fizz

Watermelon Berry Blast

Raspberry Lemon Fizz

I got one star on Level 5 of Melody Fest.

Players who get at least one star in Level 5 are halfway through Melody Fest. There is a Toll Gate that blocks the player’s path. Players must earn a total of 10 stars in the first 5 levels of Melody Fest in order to pass through it.

Here are the rewards for passing through the first Token Gate.

You may have noticed (like I did) that there are a whole lot of drink recipes in Melody Fest. It makes sense, considering that Pepper’s Food Truck is at a gigantic music festival.

One of the things I learned while watching a TV show called Bar Rescue is that salty foods make customers more interested in buying drinks. And, drinks that have a nice balance of sweet and bitter make people feel hungry.

From this, I think Pepper’s Food Truck will do very well at Melody Fest. Many of the drinks include a lemon to balance the sweetness of the other fruit in it. The pretzel, bacon, fried butter, and bacon steak are all very salty.

Personally, I think all of the drinks in Melody Fest would make nice cocktails. The Food Truck doesn’t have any alcohol, though. So, Pepper is making “virgin cocktails”.

There are no more new recipes in Melody Fest for the player to learn. The remaining five levels include the recipes the the player have already learned how to make.

I got two stars in Level 6 of Melody Fest.

I got two stars on Level 7 of Melody Fest.

I got two stars on Level 8 of Melody Fest.

I got two stars in Level 9 of Melody Fest.

I got two stars on Level 10 of Melody Fest. This level required players to serve at least five Fried Butter dishes to customers.

Here are the prizes for passing through the second Token Gate.

Here is what Melody Fest looked like when I was done with it.

Rocker: That was a great fest make sure you come back next year.

Pepper: With such good music and fun crowd, I can’t wait for it.

Rocker: See you next year, and don’t forget to keep rocking.

Pepper: I will try my best.


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