Waffleton is the second town in the Kitchen Scramble game.  It is my favorite one (so far).  In Waffleton, your food truck serves breakfast foods.  The levels aren’t very difficult, which makes Waffleton a fun town to work through.

I’ve decided to earn all three stars in every level of every town in Kitchen Scramble.  This idea came from the forums.  I decided to challenge myself and also earn all of the location goals.

I completed Waffleton a while ago, but haven’t blogged about it until now. Kitchen Scramble changed the font on the location goals sign sometime after I finished Waffleton.

Here is the first half of Waffleton (with 3 stars in every level).

Here is the second half of Waffleton (with 3 stars in every level).

I also completed all three of the location goals.

Waffleton is simple and fun to do.  I enjoyed making the virtual breakfast foods that are featured in this level.  I decided to blog about it to keep track of my progress through the Kitchen Scramble game.  Once you complete a town, there really isn’t any incentive to return to it.

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