I rolled two hard core characters for Season 4 of Diablo III. One is a Wizard named Sparkle (whose name was inspired by the Diamond Skin spell). The other was a Barbarian named Zena (whose name was inspired by character on a TV show). At the time I am writing this blog, both of my hard core characters are still alive.

The purpose of this blog is to highlight the Seasonal Leveling Achievements that players earn as they work towards Level 70. I was playing my Wizard for the first ones, and finished up when I was playing my Barbarian. In the past, I’ve created one character for a Season and stuck with that one all the way through.

Sparkle was going through Story Mode with one of Shawn’s characters. She hit Level 57, and then Shawn’s computer died. In order to keep both of our characters at the same level, I stopped playing my Wizard. I wasn’t done with Season 4 yet, so I rolled Zena the Barbarian and got her to Level 70 (and beyond).

sparkle-at-level-9-season-4Here’s my Season 4 hard core Wizard, Sparkle, shortly before she hit Level 10. I do not like this outfit.

level-10-rite-of-passage-season-4Rite of Passage: Reach level 10.


sparkle-level-19-season-4Sparkle found a better outfit when she hit Level 19.

mighty-and-magical-season-4Mighty and Magical: Reach level 20.


sparkle-demon-slayer-season-4Demon Slayer: Reach level 30.


sparkle-level-33-season-4Sparkle was using a great big axe when she hit Level 33.

fearless-veteran-season-4Fearless Veteran: Reach level 40.


sparkle-level-42Sparkle found a different, better, axe when she hit Level 42.


Forged In Fire: Reach level 50.


sparkle-level-55Sparkle started to look more like a Wizard, with a wand and skull, when she hit Level 55.

zena-level-55-season-4Here is what Zena the Barbarian was wearing when she was Level 55.

hero-of-sanctuary-season-4Hero of Sanctuary: Reach level 60.


zena-level-60-season-4Here is Zena what Zena was wearing at Level 60.

above-and-beyond-chapter-3-season-journey-season-4Above & Beyond: Reach level 70.

The Seasonal Leveling Achievement has the same name as one of the objectives in the Season Journey.


head-and-shoulders-season-4Head & Shoulders: Reach level 70 in the Season.

Hitting Level 70 unlocks the transmogs for two of the Seasonal “set” pieces – the helm and the shoulders. I’ve already unlocked these during Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3.

zena-level-70-season-4This is what Zena was wearing when she hit Level 70.

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