Every time our Click-a-Tiel Tumblr blog hit a follower milestone, we created a short biography about one of our cockatiels. Here is Marvin’s story.

As promised, every time our blog hits another 100 followers, we’ll post a special profile of one of our birds. We recently crossed the 500 follower mark. Thanks, everyone!

Marvin is the most recent addition to our flock and the story of how he came to join is is interesting.

Five or so years ago, we got an e-mail out of the blue asking us if we could adopt a cockatiel from someone in our town who was moving. The sender of the message said her new residence didn’t allow pets and she was trying to find a good home for her cockatiel, Marvin. To this day, we’re still not sure how Marvin’s former keeper found us. But we’re glad she did!

Marvin lived as a solo bird for most of his life before coming to us. We weren’t sure how well he’d integrate with an existing flock. We were slow to introduce him to our other birds. But after awhile, he grew to be more confident around them. He’s formed a friendship with Pepper and the two of them hang out together a lot.

At his old home, Marvin didn’t get much time outside of his cage. So, his flying skill isn’t the best. But sometimes he surprises us (and himself) with a successful flight to/from the cage. He was also taught to mimic the “Do-do-do-do CHARGE!” whistle before he lived with us. He’s since taught it to Pepper and Morris who’ve incorporated it into their own musical repertoires.

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