Lisey’s Story is one weird fairy tale, from start to finish.

Lisey (which the reader learns right away rhymes with Ce Ce), is a widow. Her husband, Scott, was a super popular writer of scary and strange fiction books. He had many of fans, and many of them were…. mentally unstable.

At the beginning of the book, Lisey is just starting to go through her husband’s things, deciding what to keep, what to send away, and who to send these important things to.

It’s been two years since her husband died, and Lisey is being bothered by fans, colleges, and anyone else who feels they are deserving of Scott’s papers and awards.

There is also a madman who couldn’t care less about Scott’s things – he just wants to cause Lisey pain.

There are at least three timelines running through this story. One is the present, where Lisey is at now. One of her sisters has lost her mind, and the rest of the sisters are picking up the pieces of that. At the same time, Lisey is dealing with, and running away from, the madman who is after her.

Another timeline is Lisey remembering moments she spent with Scott. This includes both good, and bad, memories. At first, I found it difficult to keep track of how all these memories fit into the story.

There is a specific memory that involves a shovel that becomes very important. I don’t consider this to be a spoiler – because the book’s cover has a shovel in the center of it.  There is a third story line that tells some absolutely horrifying things that Scott went through as a young child.

Weaving through these timelines is a connection to… well, I guess it is another world. Scott can go there, but he’s not the only one. This world has wonderful things, and monsters, and some things that start out wonderful but then become dangerous at night.

It is a fairy tale world that draws people in. I found it to be a lot like something child would imagine. Lisey must remember what she knows about this other world not only to save herself, but also to find her story.

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