Jeeves and Sapphire are two rare cats that always appear together. The way to attract rare cats is to put things that they like into your yard/home.¬†According to the Neko Atsume Wiki, Jeeves is Sapphire’s valet.

They like two items: the Tower of Treats, and the Fairy Tale Parasol. I’ve only seen them under the Fairy Tale Parasol. If they someday decide to stand on the Tower of Treats, I will update this blog post.

This is what the Fairy Tale Parasol looks like. It costs 55 gold fish in the Neko Atsume Shop. Jeeves and Sapphire like it, and so do many other Neko Atsume cats.

Jeeves and Sapphire








Apricot and Smokey

Cocoa and Patches

Princess and Lacy

Willie and Smokey

Gozer and Patches

Cocoa, Snowball, and Patches

Mack, Princess and Lexy

Ganache, Willie and Lexy

Sooty, Princess and Smokey

Ganache, Princess, and Lexy

Mack, Snowball, and Lexy

Tubbs does not use the Fairy Tale Parasol. His only interest is food.

This is the Tower of Treats. It can be purchased for 900 silver fish in the Neko Atsume Store. I’m waiting for Jeeves and Sapphire to use it.


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