Joe DiMeowgio is an orange cat with some darker orange stripes on his head and arms. He has a white belly. He wears a baseball cap and an open, white and grey striped, baseball jersey. He holds a yellow baseball bat and looks at a baseball that is on the ground near him. Joe DiMeowgio stands up on his back legs.

Joe DiMeowgio is one of the “Rare Cats” in Neko Atsume. The way to attract one of these special cats is to place the item they prefer into your yard/home. Joe DiMeowgio will only use the item called “Baseball”.   It is one of many types of balls that the Neko Atsume cats will play with.

It took a long time between when I started leaving the Baseball in the yard and when Joe DiMeowgio first appeared. Or, at least, it felt that way to me. It seems like he visits more frequently now when I set the Baseball out.

After a Neko Atsume cat visits your yard/home a certain number of times, it will give you a Memento. Joe DiMeowgio’s Momento is a Signed Baseball. The description of it says: “A baseball with someone’s autograph.”

In the screenshot at the top of this blog, Joe DiMeowgio is in the Original Style yard/home.

Joe DeMeowgio stands on a large grey stone, wearing the same outfit, and looking at a baseball.

Joe DiMeowgio at the Zen Style yard/home

Joe DiMeowgio wears the same outfit. He stands on his back legs on a white platform and looks at a baseball.

Joe DiMeowgio at the Rustic Style yard/home

Some of the other Neko Atsume cats will also play with the Baseball.

Snowball is a white cat that is playing with a baseball by moving it around with their front paw.

Snowball plays with the Baseball.

Sunny is a calico cat with a mostly white face and body, and some large black spots and very large orange spots. Their tail is black, white, and orange striped. They are ready to play with a baseball.

Sunny plays with the Baseball.

Pumpkin is a light orange cat with a white belly and white legs. The orange parts of the cat have darker orange stripes on them. Pumpkin is playing with a baseball.

Pumpkin plays with the Baseball.

Spots is a white cat with several large black spots on their face and body. Spots is playing with a baseball.

Spots plays with the Baseball.

Lexy is a white and light grey cat with a large grey spot on their face and a grey back and tail. The other half of their face is white, and the cat has white paws and belly. Lexy is playing with a baseball.

Lexy plays with the Baseball.

Gozer is a calico cat with white paws and belly. The cat's face is part light orange, and part darker orange. Two black stripes are on its head. The cat's back is mostly dark orange with black stripes. Gozer plays with a baseball.

Gozer plays with the Baseball.

Mack is a white cat with dark grey stripes across its head and body. Mack's tail is grey with darker grey stripes. Mack plays with a baseball.

Mack plays with the Baseball.

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