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It’s not quite New Year’s Eve here.

And outside, the rain has stopped (for now).

There are children that are blowing what are probably paper horns, which make exactly the high pitched, strained sound you would expect.

They’ve been doing this for hours.

At first, I thought the sound was a crying cat, stuck out in the rain.

It’s after 10:30 PM here, and the paper horns are still very insistently being blown.

Or, maybe it’s drunk people making noises.

Either way, I’ll take this over the possibility of the potential of the people who live in the apartment complex just adjacent to the mobile home, lighting fireworks.

Fourth of July, this whole area looked like a battleground, as (possibly inebriated) adults and teens shot off fireworks – right next to the apartment building – and the smoke was thick, and cloudy and stifling.

…And I just heard what – might – have been someone testing to see if their fireworks are dry enough for them to shoot them off.

Happy New Year?

December 31, 2022

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