lightbulb on a yellow background by Riki Risnandar on Pexels

We used to have a “smart” lightbulb that can be used as a speaker. In the past, we used it to make sure there was a light on in the room our cockatiels were in.

One night, the neighbor who lived next door accidentally connected her TV to that lightbulb. The cockatiels were suddenly presented with loud, crashing, movie noises.

Now, we only have one cockatiel, so her cave has been moved to the main room. We live in a mobile home that has a large room that functions as both a living room and a kitchen.

The “smart” lightbulb is now used in one of the light fixtures in the kitchen.

The current neighbors come and go – sometimes staying away for a long time before returning.

For the past few days, when that “smart” bulb is on, it picks up some of the noises that come from the neighbor’s texting and/or game play on mobile.

I figure it’s a bluetooth thing.

It should be easy for the neighbor to figure out that they aren’t actually hearing sounds from their mobile device, and to go figure out how to redirect it.

Instead, Lucky the cockatiel has been treated with a whole bunch of new and interesting sounds to listen to

December 31, 2022

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