It was starting to feel like I had been stuck in Act I of Nightmare Mode for too long. Don’t get me wrong, I like Act I, and I was having a good time playing through it on Monster Power 1 (or 2). For whatever reason, I just had to get my Barbarian, Zeta, into to Act II already!

First, a little side trip through the Cemetery of the Forsaken (while on Monster Power 2), in an effort to hopefully get a little closer to finishing the Haunted Achievement. Hopefully, this will be the last time I see it for a while (because I will have moved on to Act II).

Deathrattle the Reckoner

I got Jars of Destruction: Destroy 1,000 pots of ashes – while fighting a pack of blue Imps.

Treasure Goblin! (Technically, a Treasure Seeker.) I always drop everything and chase them down. Although I managed to catch this one, he got away after dragging me into a bunch of monsters (as those rotten little Treasure Goblins will try and do).

This group of monsters included Skakal Battersmash. I’ve no idea if he is part of some achievement or not… so, I just killed him anyway.

Digger O’Dell – again. I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve run into him.

I finished this crypt, and had time to see what loot I picked up. The Overwhelming Brace was an extremely useful piece of gear for me, so I immediately put it on.

Into the next crypt! Tensor (a listener to the Shattered Soulstone podcast) joined my game. He was playing a Witch Doctor, so he brought along his army of freaks. Such fun!

Somewhere underneath all the green goo is Solazius, Unspeakable Terror.

“Where to next?” I asked. We decided to go on a Skeleton King run. Here’s a fun screenshot of Zeta the Barbarian, Tensor’s Witch Doctor, and the Witch Doctor’s entourage, ready to run to through the dungeon.

Zeta has reached Level 37!

Mass chaos as we took out Bane the Cursed!

Started the battle with the Skeleton King at 2:39 A.M.

By 2:40, he was dead. That was FAST!

Ok, so I ran through the Cemetery of the Forsaken, and I leveled, and I had a whole lot of fun taking out the Skeleton King in the blink of an eye with Tensor. But, I was still in Act I! The next couple of blogs will show you more about Zeta the Barbarian’s journey to Act II of Nightmare Mode.

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