A quick glance at social media shows that there are a lot of people playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on Switch. I don’t have a Switch, so I’m playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp instead. It works on my phone.

I find the game relaxing, and have started playing it before falling asleep.

Instead of doing a play-by-play of every things I’ve done in the game, I’m going to post screenshots of things that amused me.

I’ve started making an effort to actually use some of the old screenshots that I took and meant to put into blog posts. Here are some from August of 2018.

Goldie: If you have any extra shells, would it be too much if I asked to have just one of them?

Goldie: I’m just in the sort of mood where I feel like gazing at something beautiful, woof!

I don’t remember which kind of shell I gave Goldie. Whatever it was, Goldie was happy to have it.

Goldie: Thanks again. Suddenly I feel like anything is possible!

Goldie is one of my favorites (out of the animals I’ve met so far). She’s very sweet, and often seems hesitant to ask for something. She seems kind of shy, and careful about unintentionally hurting the player’s feelings.

Goldie’s personality contrasts strongly with Rosie, who often calls me “Silly.”

Gulliver: OH! Would you look at that! I made an unintentional rhyme. Ha! Don’t you love when that happens?

I haven’t quite figured out what I’m supposed to do with Gulliver. The best I can figure, he wants to send me to other islands, and requires trade goods. But, I don’t seem to have the trade goods he requires, and am unsure if visiting the islands costs some kind of currency.

That said, I find it amusing that this seagull is named “Gulliver”.

This is the only horned dynastid I’ve managed to catch (so far). They sit on the trunks of the palm trees, and aren’t easy to spot. They flit away before I can catch them.

Filbert: Hi Jen! It’s OK to eat a 3 o’clock snack even if it isn’t 3 o’clock… right?

Filbert really likes food. I think he is a squirrel, so I’m going to guess he has a high metabolism. I have yet to figure out how to get Filbert to visit my camp.

Filbert: You found what I wanted! Me? I’m so lazy. It never fails to amaze me when people actually do things.

FIlbert seems more open and honest about himself than some of the other animal characters are. Or, maybe he just doesn’t have a “filter”.

Freya: Aw, you’re the best. See you around! Uff da!

I have absolutely no idea what “Uff da!” means. Freya is a bit of a mystery. I’ve only run into her once. Since then, Rosie has been asking me to choose a gift that Freya would like. Freya’s response is kind of hit-or-miss.

I hit Level 3!

These screenshots were from when I was trying to learn how to play the game. Randomly running into animal friends was pretty easy to do. I learned that they ask for specific items that I can go get and bring back to them.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has a lot more to do than that, but I didn’t realize it at the time. I took a long break from the game, and mostly forgot about it for a while. When I returned, it seemed like a lot more had been added to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.


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