Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is an app that was designed to be a mini-version of the Animal Crossing game. Both are made by Nintendo. I started playing Animal Crossing Pocket camp after a friend told me about it.

I’ve never played any of the other Animal Crossing games because those require consoles that I do not have. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is supports iOS (and Android). I started playing it on my iPad, but later decided to play it on my phone instead.

Overall, it is a very cute game. The sounds the animals make sort of annoys me, so I tend to play with the sound off. I discovered that when I downloaded the game on my iPhone, it made me start all over again. I think this happened because I didn’t link a Nintendo account.

In short, this game is all about decorating a campsite and encouraging other animal-people to come visit. There are quests to complete and different areas to explore. So far, the thing I enjoy doing the most is fishing.

Rather than do a play-by-play of what happens in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, I’m going to fill this blog post will screenshots from the game that I found amusing and/or interesting.

K.K.: Well, I think you’re headed in the right direction. Enjoy the peace and quiet and go at your own pace.

This was exactly what I wanted to hear. I strongly prefer to take my time and go at my own pace when playing video games  – rather than race through content. There are days when my chronic illnesses force me to take things slow. Looks like Animal Crossing Pocket Camp will be good on days when I am exhausted.

I’m enjoying fresh fruit with Goldie. This is the best!

The first piece of furniture I ordered was a Ranch Couch. If I remember correctly, players have to do this in order to complete a quest. After that, players can unlock other types and styles of furniture.

My first visitor is Goldie. She’s been hanging around my campsite ever since.  It’s kind of nice to have animal visitors at my campsite. It makes it easier to find them, talk to them, get quests from them, and turn in those quests.

Filbert has decided to call me “Bucko.” This amuses me!  There’s a joke there for people who love the Chicago Cubs and who listen to a certain announcer when the Cubs play the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Filbert: I’ve been lazing away around here for hours!

Barbecue time with Filbert! Everything is so good…Think I can get away with seconds?… or thirds?

Some quests involve catching bugs

Gulliver: Hello! My name is Gulliver. That sure did ruffle my feathers… Which is funny…’cause I’m a bird!

This is the Lovely Love Seat. Players need to have this one crafted for them so Rosie will come visit their campsite.

Now, I have both Rosie and Goldie visiting my campsite.

Rosie: I carry my pyrotechnic effects with me wherever I go.

Rosie might be a problem!

This is what my campsite looked like shortly after I got both Goldie and Rosie to visit.


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