When last I blogged, my Barbarian, Zeta, was somewhere near the end of Act I of Nightmare Mode. She ended up making one last trip through the Crypts in Act I, and killed the Skeleton King one more time (with help from a Tensor, who is a Shattered Soulstone listener).

By this point, I was getting sleepy. So, the next set of screenshots are probably going to appear somewhat disjointed and out of sequence. Seems appropriate, since that was about how I was feeling while I was playing.

First, Zeta headed off to find Leoric’s Manor. She found a Treasure Goblin on the bridge that in Leoric’s Hunting Grounds. Gotta catch ’em all!

Zeta and the Templar ran into Gapewound the Revenant shortly after entering the courtyard outside Leoric’s Manor.

I hit the checkpoint I was hoping to hit before I stopped playing. The next zone was Leoric’s Manor, which is my absolute least favorite part of the entire game. I’d almost rather fight Belial (and I HATE Belial). Leoric’s Manor is filled with torture devices (many of which actually existed in real life), buckets of heads, and zombies that are on fire (imagine the stench!) The whole place makes me nauseous, and I was procrastinating about starting that zone.

What better way to procrastinate than to go back to town and play “Should I keep this, or sell it?” (This takes me forever). Just when I was considering logging off for the night/wee hours of the morning, Tensor rejoined me for a bit.

He showed me “the best Legendary that has dropped for me so far”. Its name is Maximus. I haven’t gotten any Legendarys yet, and this was the first one anyone showed me in-game. Very cool!

Maximus has flavor text that reads: The famed warrior Maximus defeated 99 demons singlehandedly in the Battle of Lut Bahadur, and imbued his sword with their demonic power.

This explains why the stats include: Chance to summon a Demonic Slave when attacking.

“Wow! You get a demon slave? lol” I asked Tensor. I had to see that in action! Off we went to attack something, anything, so he could show me. Check it out – its a Demon on a chain! (I want one).

What is THAT over there! We chased it, and killed it (with the help of the Demon slave, who really doesn’t need much encouragement to go kill something). Sometime after that, I learned that this was a Key Warden. It was the first one I’ve ever encountered! That was exciting!

Not too long after this, I was starting to fall asleep at the keyboard. It was time to call it a night/morning. I had a lot of fun, and I managed to avoid having to go inside Leoric’s Manor and the dungeons and all that ick. Unfortunately, this meant that it would be waiting for me the next time I played. Great…..

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