This video was recorded shortly after the previous one. My Hardcore Barbarian started with 28 Paragon Points. I had a revelation while running through some Greater Rifts that I believe helped me be more successful.

The first thing my Hardcore Barbarian did was a Torment I Nephalem Rift. I had run out of Greater Rift keys, and this was the only way to get more.

I got an Ancient Chilanik’s Chain belt. It was a good replacement for the Legendary Chilanik’s Chain my Hardcore Barbarian had been using.

Next, I ran my Barbarian through a Greater Rift Level 6, which is Expert difficulty. Somewhere in that Greater Rift, the snowball buff appeared. Previous to this, I had heard people complain that the snowball buff made it hard to see because of the snowfall effect that obscures the screen. This was the first time I’d experienced that problem in a Greater Rift. They were right! It made it really difficult to see the terrain and enemies.

The “rainbow lightning” buff (as I call it) also made the entire screen cloudy.

After that I completed a Greater Rift 7, which is Master difficulty. While working my way through this Greater Rift, I decided to try a strategy that I’ve seen people who stream Diablo III do.

Run for the mobs of Gold monsters with minions and/or the packs of Blue monsters. Doing so moves the purple completion bar at the side of the screen quicker than trying to clear a rift of all the little monsters. This revelation was a “game changer” for me. I’m going to use that strategy on Greater Rifts because it is way more effective than what I was doing.

I ended the video with 33 Paragon Points.

#NaPodPoMo 2020

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