Ares the Hardcore Barbarian got some better armor and a more effective weapon in the previous video. He was now at Level 65, and ready to fight some monsters.

I decided to stick to Expert difficulty for now because I wasn’t sure if his new armor (the Demon’s Heart set) was going to be strong enough for Ares to survive Master difficulty.

After pausing the video in order to deal with some tedium, Ares returned with a shiny new horned helmet that was sitting in his bag. The Demon Heart’s set does not include a helmet, so I could safely swap out the one he was wearing for the new one.

In this video, I decided to work my way through some Act II Bounties. Ares hit Level 66 while working on the second Bounty.

I tried to put a set piece into Kanai’s Cube and have it converted into another set piece from the same set. It requires a Level 70 set piece. I learned that the Cube will not accept set pieces that were crafted.

I didn’t do all of the Bounties on camera, just to save some time. Something unexpected happened to my Templar while fighting Belial.

Ares the Hardcore Barbarian hit Level 67 shortly before my video recording software crashed.

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