Ares the Hardcore Barbarian started out at Level 67 at the beginning of this video. I’m playing on Expert difficulty, because Master was too hard for this Barbarian.

Ares is wearing the Demon’s Skin set, which is a Level 60. The full set gives a character additional damage to demons and a chance to reflect projectiles when they are hit by enemies. The Blacksmith can craft this set (if the player has found the recipe for it).

My Barbarian is using the Coven’s Criterion Shield – which doesn’t go with the Demon’s Skin set at all. It reduces duration of control impairing effects by 12%, and gives the character 59% less damage from blocked attacks.

In this video, my Hardcore Barbarian completed a Nephalem Rift on Expert difficulty. Along the way, I found Thundergod’s Vigor, a Legendary belt that shoots lightning. I swapped out the Demon Skin belt and equipped the Thundergod’s Vigor belt.

Ares was almost at Level 68 after completing the Nephalem Rift. I picked a Bounty for him to do to get the rest of the way to 68.

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