In this video, I finished up some of the odds and ends that players must complete as they work their way through the Season Journey. I have decided to stop leveling up the Crafters while recording a video because doing so involves flashing lights.

This might be my most productive video of Season 23 (so far).

My Softcore Necromancer started out this video at Level 15. He was playing on Normal difficulty.

Objectives I completed (shortly before or during this video):

  • A Life With Meaning: Raise the Blacksmith to Level 10. Leveling up the Blacksmith unlocks higher level weapon and armor recipes. (Chapter I)
  • Just A Hobby: Raise the Jeweler to level 10. Leveling up the Jeweler unlocks access to higher level gem recipes. (Chapter I)
  • Watch Yourself: Raise the Mystic to level 10. Leveling up the Mystic enables her to enchant more item types and unlocks new Transmogrify looks. (Chapter I)
  • Maximum Efficiency: Raise the Blacksmith, Jeweler, and Mystic to 12. (Chapter II)
  • A New Start: Complete 5 Bounties. Open up the Waypoint Map in Adventure Mode to see what Bounties are available. (Chapter I)
  • Tristram’s Most Wanted: Obtain an Act I bounty cache. (Chapter III)
  • Hey There Kadala: Spend Blood Shards at Kadala. Kadala has a 10% chance to give you a Legendary.(Chapter III)
  • No, You Can’t Have It Back: Obtain a Legendary item by spending Blood Shards with Kadala. (Slayer)

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