Pepper is sitting on a ladder. He usually sits near Marvin, but has been having trouble climbing up the cage. Today, Pepper decided that the ladder was a nice place to sit.

Pepper is an older bird, and has lived long past the typical lifespan of a cockatiel. He can climb the bars that are horizontal, but not the vertical ones. The ladder was added to help him get onto the top perch.

Pinky decided that he needed some attention.

Pinky is on his way to bother Marvin. As you can see, Marvin is getting ready to take a nap.

Pinky can be absolutely adorable when he wants to!

Pepper decided to take a nap near the food dish on a red perch that has texture on it. He is in the process of turning into a “borb”.

Photos taken on November 1, 2020.

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