A female barbarian wears a crown and a mix of armor, including pants that provide proper coverage. She carries a huge sword. A dog-like creature stands near her.

In this video, my softcore Barbarian started out at Level 21. She completed a set of Act II Bounties, and also finished a few other Seasonal Objectives. Best of all, she finally got pants that look like they provide protection to the wearer!

Objectives completed in this video:

  • Change Clothes: Transmogrify an item at the Mystic. (Chapter II)
  • Friends With Benefits: Fully equip one of your followers. (Chapter II)
  • Seasonal Socketing: Socket 5 gems into your gear. (Chapter I)
  • Caldeum’s Most Wanted: Obtain an Act II bounty cache. (Chapter III)

After I stopped recording, I leveled up one of the crafters a bit more:

  • Just a Hobby: Raise the Jeweler to level 10. Leveling up the Jeweler unlocks access to higher level gem recipes. (Chapter 1)


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