Three cockatiels are sitting inside their brand new cage. They appear to be curious and amused.

Marvin, Pepper, and Pinky are enjoying their brand new cage! It might look kind of cramped from the outside, but that’s an illusion. This new cage has plenty of space for the birds to spread out.

These photos were taken in December of 2020.

A view of the inside of the cage. A cuttlebone holder is in front. Three happy cockatiels look at the camera.

You can tell that all three birds are really happy and excited about the new cage because their eyes are “smiling” and their head crests are up.

Three cockatiels check out the perch, ladder, and toy on the top of their new cage.

Pepper is sitting comfortably on the top perch. Pinky decided to sit on the toy (instead of play with it). Marvin is off to the side, looking rather nervous. He tends to take a little while to adjust to new things.

One bird on the big perch. One bird sitting on the edge of a metallic bowl. One bird still nervous about the whole thing.

Pinky has moved to one of the dishes that are on the top of the cage. Both of those dishes were empty, which is probably a good thing. Pinky likes to sit inside them. He looks really happy to be on the dish.

Two birds sit on the top perch. The other bird is sitting on the ladder.

Eventually, Marvin was placed on top of the big perch that is the highest point on top of the cage. He sits next to his best buddy, Pepper. Both of their crests are up, which means Marvin feels better sitting next to a friend. Pinky has moved to the ladder – but has decided not to climb it.

One fluffy cockatiel sitting on the edge of a bowl and looking at the camera.

Pinky has fluffed up his feathers – indicating that he will, in fact, attempt to nap on the edge of this bowl.

three birds who are getting ready to take a nap

All of the excitement over having a brand new cage to explore made the cockatiels sleepy.

Pepper is becoming a “borb” – his feathers are so fluffy that he becomes a rounded shape. Pinky is delicately perched on the edge of the dish and taking a nap.

Marvin is still not so sure about this new cage. His crest is up, indicating he’s not as nervous as he was before. He is also turning into a “borb” and on the way to having a nice nap.


Photos by Shawn Thorpe

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