Completed Chapter 4 Season 5The Season Journey was first introduced into Diablo III during Season 4. It has returned for Season 5, but is not exactly the same as it was before.

Some of the objectives have been changed from one Season to the next.

Players needed to complete Chapters 1-4 in order to receive the Seasonal portrait frame, pet, and armor set. There were additional parts of the Season Journey to complete after Chapter 4, but I was not able to finish them. (I almost got Slayer accomplished, but failed to finish a Level 30 Greater Rift).

My computer had a really big problem in between when I finished Chapter 3 and when I completed Chapter 4. I ended up losing a batch of screenshots – many of which were intended for this blog.

As a result, I do not have the Achievement Toasts that pop-up when a player earns one of the Season Journey objectives. Fortunately, I was able to grab some screenshots of the Seasonal Achievement Board before Season 5 ended.

The screenshot at the top of the blog is what Chapter 4 looked like after a player completed it.

Penchant for Enchants Season Journey Chapter 4 Season 5
Penchant for Enchants: Replace a property on an item with Enchanting at the Mystic. Enchanting is very useful for replacing an unwanted primary affix on a near-perfect item.

Key Decisions Chapter 4 Season 5
Key Decisions: Slay Odeg the Keywarden at level 70 on Torment 1 or higher. Odeg the Keywarden can be found in Act I in the Fields of Misery.

Kee Wee Chapter 4 Season 5
Key Wee: Slay Sokahr the Keywarden at level 70 on Torment I difficulty or higher. Sokahr the Keywarden can be found in Act II in the Dahlgur Oasis.

Keeping it Low Key Chapter 4 Season 5
Keeping It Low Key: Slay Xah’Rith the Keywarden at level 70 on Torment I difficulty or higher. Xah’Rith the Keywarden can be found in Act III in Stonefort.

The Key to Success Chapter 4 Season 5
The Key to Success: Slay Nekarat the Keywarden at level 70 on Torment I difficulty or higher. Nekarat the Keywarden can be found in Act IV in the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier.

Mercy Chapter 4 Season 5
Mercy: Kill Zoltun Kulle at level 70 on Torment II difficulty or higher.

The little bag with the green star indicates that the Mercy objective is one that unlocks more of Haedrig’s Gift. Players earned the first two pieces as they were completing Chapter 3.

Haedrigs Gift Mercy Chapter 4 Season 5

The above screenshot shows what was in the bag. Players got two more pieces of the set that comes from Haedrig’s Gift. The exact pieces a particular player received depended on the class of character that opened the bag.

I was playing a Monk during Season 5, so I got two more pieces of the Monkey King’s Garb: Sunwuko’s Balance (Shoulders) and Sunwuko’s Shines (Neck).

Seeya Chapter 4 Season 5
Seeya: Kill the Siegebreaker Assault Beast at level 70 on Torment IV difficulty or higher.

Great Expectations Chapter 4 Season 5
Great Expectations: Reach Greater Rift 20 Solo. Greater Rift Keystones drop from Rift Guardians in Nephalem Rifts.

Great Expectations was one of the objectives that I struggled with during Season 5. I was very motivated to complete it because it unlocked the remaining set pieces from Haedrig’s Gift.

Great Expectations Haedrigs Gift Chapter 4 Season 5

I was playing a Monk, so I received the last two remaining pieces of the Monkey King’s Garb: Sunwuko’s Soul (Torso) and Sunwuko’s Leggings (Legs). Season 5 was the first time I’d put effort into playing a Monk – and it was so nice to end up with a full set.

Set Me Free Chapter 4 Season 5
Set Me Free: Complete any Set Dungeon. While wearing the 6-piece bonus of a Class Set, visit the Tome of Set Dungeons in Leoric’s Manor for a clue that will lead you to the entrance to your Class Set’s Dungeon.

It took me more than a couple of tries to complete the Set Dungeon that went with the Monkey King’s Garb. Eventually, with practice and additional Paragon Points, I managed to finish just enough of the requirements to complete the Set Dungeon. I did not Master it.

Up All Night to Get Lucky Chapter 4 Season 5
Up All Night to Get Lucky: Equip all Inventory slots with Legendary items that have a minimum required level of 70.

Chapter 4 rewards Season 5

Players that completed Chapter 4 got the cool portrait frame you see above.  They also got the Wickerman pet, which runs around and picks up the gold that drops for you (so you don’t have to)!  The armor in the screenshot above is what I received because I was playing a Monk.

Pema the Monk Season rewards Chapter 4 Season 5

Here’s my Season 5 Monk, Pema, with the full Monkey King’s Garb set and the Wickerman pet.  In-game, the Wickerman pet is teeny tiny!

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