Seekers Notes is a game where the player becomes The Seeker and must find hidden objects in the many locations within the game. In addition, NPCs (non-player characters) will ask the player to find a specific object for them.

The Lonely Pianist Collection is part of the series of quests that are part of the Magic of Music event. It is technically the third quest chain in the event, but counts as the second one. This is possibly because the actual second quest chain does not end with a Collection.

I started working on the quest chain that leads to the Lonely Pianist Collection after completing the Magic of Music Creatures quest chain.

Anna Sherwood: I heard that strange things are happening in the Fall House: The flower grows from withered to blooming in mere seconds or the portrait tears by itself…It’s not good enough for an article, but I’ll be happy to help you! First off, let’s find the painting’s plaque.

I found the painting’s plaque!

Anna Sherwood: The plaque says: “Dear friend, Eric Clifford.” Apparently, he’s the house’s owner or someone close to him. But let’s not make assertions without documentary evidence.

Anna Sherwood: Helen said that the house has been empty for many years. Thus, the previous owner’s papers could have been preserved!

I found the small piano!

Anna Sherwood: This small piano is not just a piece of decor, but a unique box for papers! We were right: It contains several documents addressed to Eric Clifford, including documents for the house.

Anna Sherwood then gives the player a new part of this quest chain. I forgot to take a screenshot of it. All I remember is that she asks The Seeker to find an opera.

I found an opera!

Anna Sherwood: Clifford worked on an opera! So, he was a musician and a beginner composer. His opera has never been completed, but lines for the main parts were written. By a certain Everett.

Anna Sherwood: I’ve checked the archive of the notary office, but didn’t find any records of Clifton’s family. We’re about to celebrate Family Day in the house of a lonely man… A little sad, isn’t it?

The pile of papers that Anna Sherwood wants The Seeker to find are invitation cards.

I found the invitation cards!

Anna Sherwood: What interesting invitation cards! It turns out that Mr. Clifford liked holding musical evenings, and he wouldn’t ignore Family Day either. His annual parties were always a success!

Anna Sherwood: Since Eric Clifford hosted the evenings, he probably had a guest book! Notes in the book will reveal who was in his social circle.

I found the guest book!

I also raised the rank of the Fall House location from Amateur to Connoisseur.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Amber Berry as a reward!

I have now completed Stage 2 of the part of the Magic of Music event that requires players to level up the rank of the Fall House location.

Anna Sherwood: Excellent! The book contains hundreds of wishes, thanks, and poems. Oh, a familiar name – Everett Starling! It was he who wrote the lyrics for Clifford’s opera!

Anna Sherwood: Everett Starling had left a lot of notes in the pianist’s book. But socializing and friendship are not always the same thing. Were they true friends?

The way to finish the last quest in this chain is to assemble the Lonely Pianist Collection.

Players that have worked their way through this quest chain will have collected all the necessary special items. In addition, players need a certain amount of extra items that can only be collected from the Fall House.

This is what it looks like when the Player completes the Lonely Pianist collection.

Congratulations! You’ve assembled this collection: Lonely Pianist.

Anna Sherwood: What a beautiful box! It’s designed to store sheet music. The other side says: “To my dear friend Eric from Everett.” It seems they really were close friends!

Anna Sherwood: Oh, the box has snapped! I can’t believe it, and at the same time, the second petal of the magic flower has fallen off! Curious… First the portrait and then the box. I’m sure this is not coincidence!

The player needs to click on: “Let’s figure it out“.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Clairvoyant’s Lantern as a reward!

I have now completed the second stage of the Magic of Music event. There was still a long way to go, and I started to have doubts that I would be able to complete it in time.

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