Seekers Notes is a “find the hidden object” game. The player becomes The Seeker and must find a series of hidden objects in each location they go to. In addition, the player must find special objects that the people of Darkwood ask for.

Darkwood is under a curse, and this is why objects go missing. The storyline is creepy, and well written. There are some holiday events for players to work their way through. The Love and Friendship Collection is part of the Magic of Music event.

The series of quests that end with the completion of the Love and Friendship Collection begin immediately after the player finishes the Lonely Pianist Collection.

At the end, Anna Sherwood, the NPC (non-player character) that led the player through the previous quest chain, opens a beautiful box that was designed to hold sheet music. The box snapped, and a magic flower that was part of an earlier quest chain lost a second pedal.

Anna Sherwood: The split gift is a bad omen! Was there a split between friends? But what could have torn such close friends apart? 

The player must find some clues that can answer Anna Sherwood’s questions.

I found a piece of sheet music and a photo.

Anna Sherwood: A muse? Hmm, there’s a small sonata and a picture of a young woman in the sheet music. It seems that the young woman had stirred up strife between friends. The story is getting more interesting!

Anna Sherwood: No doubt that Clifford’s muse, who won the hearts of the two creative friends, was a unique woman! But whom did she choose: the musician or the writer?

I found perfume.

Anna Sherwood: A gift of perfume? The box is open, but the perfume is untouched…It’s custom. Look at the label: “To my muse, Caitlyn.” It seems that Clifford confessed his feelings, but was rejected!

Adrian Bloom: Miss Sherwood told me about the unusual perfume. It smells like love itself! But the bitter scent of sadness this house is filled with interrupts its sweet aroma.

This is the first time I’ve seen this NPC in Seekers Notes. Who is he?  It seems unlikely that this character was created entirely for the Magic of Music holiday event. If I were to take a guess, I would say that I will eventually find Adrian Bloom after I level up enough to do whatever quests he gives to players.

I found ripped paper.

Adrian Bloom: Torn paper? It emanates deep sadness and pain… Let’s put the puzzle of the scraps of sadness together and reveal the cause of the broken heart. It looks like a wedding invitation!

The ripped paper has writing that looks like it was done with a very old pen. It also is covered with drawings of pink flowers. It very well could be a wedding invitation.

Dear Eric! We invite you to our wedding. Your friends, Everett and Catelyn.

Anna Sherwood: Oh, I’m so sorry for the poor pianist! His beloved married his best friend – what could be worse? I wonder how he got through such misfortune. It’s a pity, but chronicles never cover such things…

The player, as The Seeker, responds: Somebody must remember.

In between starting and finishing the Broken Heart quest, I went ahead and placated more Magic of Music creatures. Part of the event gives players rewards when they placate a certain number of creatures.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Fruity Delight as a reward!

I had now completed Stage 3 of the “placate creatures” portion of the Magic of Music event.

Lady Byron: When I was young, I was part of this creative company. Caitlyn Donner was Eric’s childhood friend and a talented portrait artist. She almost caused a duel! Many remember the story of the quill of discord.

The NPCs in Seekers Notes blink. This results in unfortunate screenshots where the characters look ill, or upset, or just plain sleepy.  In this case, it appears that Lady Byron is grimacing in disapproval about Caitlyn Donner almost causing a duel.

I didn’t notice this when I was playing through these quests, but there is an error. The wedding invitation says “Catelyn”, but the quest text from Lady Byron says “Caitlyn”. Perhaps the person who was hired to write the wedding invitations made an error.

I found the quill of discord.

Lady Byron: Everett Starling, Eric’s friend, called him out to a duel by throwing down a quill. And all because they pianist kept courting Caitlyn despite her engagement to his best friend. But the duel never happened.

Peter: The two friends fought because of a girl. Haha, how silly! Ben and I will never fight because of a girl! We are almost brothers, and I’d even give him my favorite yellow boat. Oh, but where is it?

It took me several attempts to successfully find all the items in the Fall House location before the yellow boat item Peter requests dropped. The result was I was able to level up the rank of the Fall House.

Victory! You have earned a new rank in location: Fall House. Increase your rank to get more rewards! Your current rank: Sleuth.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Berry Mousse Cake as a reward!

I had now completed Stage 3 of the part of the Magic of Music that requires players to increase the rank of the Fall House location. The goal is to get to Virtuoso rank. Players that get that far receive special avatars.

I found the yellow boat.

Peter: Thank you, Seeker! We’ll go and sail the boat down the stream. You know, it’s pouring on that side of the house, but the sun is shining here! It’s strange, but we can play pirates.

Anna Sherwood: I’ve checked the flower and found that the third petal fell off too! So the downpour is also connected with this house. This is bad: Heavy rain will be a serious problem for the city. Not to mention my notes!

I have now collected all of the items that are part of the Love and Friendship collection. In addition, I had gathered up the special items that are required in order to complete the collection. All of these special items can be obtained by placating Magic of Music creatures.

The items required to complete a collection all get smushed together to become one item. It doesn’t make much sense. I guess the purpose was to visually show the player that these items are consumables.

Congratulations! You’ve assembled this collection: Love and Friendship.

Anna Sherwood: Thank you, Seeker! My notes will be safe in a waterproof bag. But what will happen to Darkwood when all the petals of the magic flower fall off? It’s scary even to imagine!

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Carved Chest as a reward!

The Love and Friendship collection turned out to be the last one I was able to complete before the Magic of Music event ended. I was able to start the next quest chain, so I’m going to just post those screenshots here.

Fortune Teller: Anna Sherwood is right: Something terrible is about to happen, and this time I can’t help you. The stars told me not to interfere in the course of fate, but I’ll give you a hint: The sky is crying with rain, and the flower – with petals.

I found flower petals.

Fortune Teller: The fallen petals that had absorbed a symphony of sadness and spiritual wandering are the key to the solution. But remember, Seeker, the key itself is not at all a solution…

Helen: The weather is getting darker and gloomier with each fallen petal… I think I know what’s wrong! Seeker, please find a magic mixture of fertilizers, and then I’ll explain everything to you.

I found bag full of a magic mixture of fertilizers.

Helen: You’ve brought the magic mixture. Wonderful! The series of strange events in the Fall House began with a mysterious flower. If we prevent its withering, we can avoid a lot of trouble!

This is the kind of statement that would only make sense in Darkwood. It seems that the people who live in this town, that is under a curse, have developed all kinds of superstitions and “magical thinking”.

Helen: Oh no, the magic mixture didn’t work – the flower is withering anyway! But why? What’s the solution to this mysterious phenomenon?

I found the symbol of music.

Helen: Notes are the main symbol of music. Seeker, you’re a genius! The flower came to life when I played a beautiful sad melody on the piano. It must be all about the music. We need to show the notes to the Fortune Teller.

Fortune Teller: You’ve quickly unraveled the secret of the flower. Now, I’m ready to look at the notes. Hmm… They tell a complicated tale of love and friendship. But only a song can tell the whole truth about another song.

This was as far as I got with the Magic of Music quests. I’m hoping that the event will return next year so I can give it another try and see how this story ended.

The last thing I did before the Magic of Music event ended was placate more creatures.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Moon Brooch as a reward!

I completed up through Stage 4 of the part of the Magic of Music event that involves placating creatures. My best efforts were not enough for me to earn any of the special event rewards.

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