A series of boxes with a unique item in each. The box at the end is grayed out.

Seekers Notes is a game where the player becomes the Seeker and must find hidden objects that the townspeople lost. The town of Darkwood is under a curse, and things go missing. Most quests in the game are “one-offs” that end when a player completes a collection.

The Mysterious Friend Collection is part of a series of quests that are part of the Performer’s Path event. This one takes place after the player finishes the Creative Environment Collection.

The screenshots in this blog post are from July of 2021.

A girl in a green dress and a red sweater is sad.

Amy: Seeker, have you seen my grandpa? I waited for my friend for almost an hour, but he didn’t come to the rehearsal. I’m afraid he won’t come to the concert either. I’m so upset – I want to go home with Grandpa.

Seeker: I’m so sorry, Amy!

A box with a Glove in it.

Congratulations! You completed a stage challenge and get Glove as a reward!

A jewelry box shows a two mice performing a song together. One fo the six bubbles below them has been filled.

I completed the quest line for the first bubble in this part of the Performer’s Path event.

The Blacksmith is Amy's Grandfather. He is worried about why Amy is disappointed.

Blacksmith: What’s going on?! My little star is so disappointed. Did Pete run himself ragged and forget about everything? Let’s treat Amy to her favorite cornflower sorbet and find out more about the situation.

Pete is one of the other children in Darkwood. He is the son of Darkwood’s toymaker.

A box with three items at the bottom. The first one is a blue cornflower sorbet.

I found the cornflower sorbet!

The Blacksmith asks the Seeker if they know a boy named Rudy.

Blacksmith: That’s news to me! My Amy cheered up after eating a couple of spoonfuls and sorbet and said Pete wasn’t even her partner! Do you know a boy named Rudy? My granddaughter says she met him recently.

Amy: No way! Pete never would’ve agreed to participate in a sentimental play. I thought all boys were like that, but Rudy turned out to be a big fan of the classics. Take a look at our playbill!

A box says "Your rank in the Music Hall location is Connoisseur!"

One unique thing in Seekers Notes is that the more you play through (and successfully find all the hidden objects in) a specific location – the more you level it up. The Music Hall was now at the Connoisseur rank. This matters mostly for locations that are part of a limited-time event, as part of completing the event requires players to level up the location all the way.

A box shows a gold plate with a bunch of little fancy snacks on it.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Bohemian Snack as a reward!

A box shows two people, one male, and one female, in fancy costumes. Below them are bubbles that fill in as the player levels the Music Hall location.

I have now filled in two of the bubbles in this section of the Performer’s Path event.

There are three items in the lower part of a box. The first item is a playbill.

I found the playbill!

Amy is sad that she won't be getting on stage.

Amy: Rudy was planning to perform alone, but when he met me, he revised the show to include us both. If it weren’t for him, I never could have mustered the courage to go on stage! But now it seems like I won’t be getting on stage either way.

The Blacksmith wants to help Amy by providing her with water to wash her face. He needs a towel.

Blacksmith: Amy is sad again and can’t utter a single word. Well, my mother used to say some fresh clean water can wash all your troubles away! I’ll go help Amy wash her face, but I need to find a towel first…

A box holds three items at the bottom. The first one is a soft looking orange and white towel. The corner of the towel has a face that resembles a fox.

I found the towel!

Blacksmith is happy the Seeker found a towel for Amy.

Blacksmith: Oh, you found such a beautiful and soft towel! Amy will enjoy drying her pale cheeks with it after she washes up. And the color is so bright! She’ll perk up right away when she sees it!

Amy asks the Seeker to find a missing gift - a frog that reads poems.

Amy: Grandpa has asked me to tell him more about Rudy to help me find him, but I can’t get my thoughts together. I wanted to show you Rudy’s gift – a fun little frog that reads poems – but it seems to have vanished too.

There are three items at the bottom of the box. The first one is a frog that is wearing a suit, socks, shoes, and glasses. The frog holds an open book.

I found the frog toy!

Amy: Oh, you found my toy! Thank you! This little frog reminded me that Rudy always stayed in character, acting out his role from the play. I’ve never seen him without a cape and mask before, and he also had an interesting accent!

Blacksmith wants to find Amy's friend Rudy by seeking out families that are new to Darkwood.

Blacksmith: It’s too bad Amy hasn’t seen her friend without a mask, but if Rudy had an accent, we should start our search with the families that are new to the area. There aren’t many of them in Darkwood. Let’s look for their addresses in the directory!

A box says Congratulations! The Seeker earned a Captain's Wheel reward.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get a Captain’s Wheel as a reward!

The Performer’s Path section with the creatures that the Seeker must placate has been updated. There are now three out of five bubbles filled in.

Blacksmith is happy that many new families have children Amy's age.

Blacksmith: Great! All of these families have children Amy’s age. What if the boy got a bad grade, and his parents are making him study right now? Together we can convince them to let him go out for a night.

Blacksmith is concerned that they did not find a boy named Rudy.

Blacksmith: I’m starting to worry, Seeker. We didn’t find a Rudy in any of the families. Maybe he made up that name when he introduced himself to Amy. But why his he playing this game of cat and mouse? No, I don’t think any of the kids lied to us.

A woman wearing a blue dress wants to look in the student registry for Rudy.

Helen: What a sad story! Poor Amy, I can only imagine how much energy and aspiration she’s put into this performance. I’m sure her friend didn’t do this on purpose. Let’s look for his name in the student registry!

A row of boxes. Each box has a different item in it. An arrow is below a set of tiny boxes that now have the amount required.

To obtain the student registry, the Seeker must collect a certain number of objects. Those objects are dropped by creatures that the seeker must placate by giving them specific items.

The items in the first boxes are now greyed out. The last box contains a student registry.

Clicking on the blue arrow allows the player to complete the Mysterious Friend collection.

Helen searched the directory but could not find a boy Amy's age named Rudy.

Helen: Alas, either the name isn’t real or Amy mixed it up, but, according to the registry, there are no boys Amy’s age named Rudy in Darkwood.

A box holds an open box of chocolates.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Chocolate Present as a reward!

I have now filled in two of the six bubbles on the part of the Performer’s Path that shows a decorated box.

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