Seekers Notes is a game where the player becomes the Seeker and tries to solve mysteries, finish quests, and locate lost items. The game has an interesting story line. (These screenshots were taken in 2018).

The very first collection the player must complete is the Stationery Kit.

Helen: Incredible! How did you end up here? What’s your name?

Helen: Nice to meet you! You are the first person who’s come to the city since the onset of the Curse. But how did you do it? After all, Darkwood is surrounded by the Ghostly Mist, which isolates the city from the rest of the world.

The player much click on the “I don’t remember” button.

Helen: I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Helen, I’m the mayor’s assistant. I want to warn you: When the Curse appeared, inexplicable phenomena began to occur in the city, and things disappear without a trace. A spare key to the Mayor’s Office went missing recently. Could you help me find it?

The game sends the Seeker to the Cafe.

The player must find a series of items at each location before the time runs out. There is a chance that the player will also find a special item that an NPC (non-player character) asked the Seeker to find.

I found the spare key to the Mayor’s Office.

I reached Level 2! This refers to the player’s level, not the difficulty level of an area in the game. When players level up, they receive Energy and at least 1 Ruby.

Helen: You’ve found the key to the Office! Mayor Smallcat will be extremely surprised and happy to see a new face in Darkwood. Let me take you to him!

The Seeker uses a journal to keep their notes. It is used to record new, strange, incidents, and also to convey the story line to the player.

Mysterious Town: What’s wrong with me? What is this place? A newspaper… where did it come from? Why can’t I remember anything..? After waking up in a mysterious city, my only desire was to find my way back. But every time I tried to leave, nothing happened. Wherever I went, I ended up right back where I started. A nice girl named Helen, the mayor’s assistant, found me. She told me that I was in Darkwood, a cursed city. A secret curse had enveloped Darkwood, keeping everyone from leaving. But why did I find myself there? It all seemed like a

…dream. Helen asked me to look for some lost things, and I was able to find them easily. She was surprised I was able to find them so quickly and suggested I speak with Felix Smallcat, the city’s mayor.

Use the spare key to the Mayor’s Office to unlock it.

I unlocked the Mayor’s Office.

I am now ready to enter the Mayor’s Office and search for hidden object.

There’s a really creepy scene where a man, who is wearing an iron mask, appears to be using some kind of magic on the Mayor.

Helen: Mayor Smallcat needs help: He’s unconscious! I beg of you, find something that will bring him around!

The player must click on the “Wait a minute” button to continue. I think the main purpose of this part is to slowly teach the player where to look in order to find out what items they must locate.

In addition to the list of items that a player must locate before the time runs out, there often is a special item that is connected to a quest. That item won’t be one the player is able to find in the scene. Instead, it either appears after the player is done, or it does not (and the player must try again).

I found smelling salts. That should wake up Mayor Smallcat!

Helen: Indeed, smelling salts are extremely effective. Please lift the mayor’s head, I’ll give him the salts to inhale.

Helen: Mayor Smallcat is regaining consciousness. We are incredibly lucky that you appeared in the city when you did. Thank you for your help!

The player must click on: “You are welcome”.

This dramatic start to the Seekers Notes game is designed to give the player the feeling that they are special. Without trying, or even knowing how, you end up in Darkwood at exactly the right moment.

Mayor Smallcat: Let me introduce myself, I am the mayor of Darkwood, Felix Smallcat. Thank you for saving me! But how did you get here and why don’t you remember anything? Hmm, you say you only had a map with you? Allow me to take a look.

The player must click on: “Sure!”

Mayor Smallcat: You have a fascinating map. It reminds me of an ancient artifact that belonged to the heroes of Darkwood, the First Seekers. If you can handle the map, it can only mean one thing! A glimmer of hope has arrived in our city – you just might be a seeker!

The player must click on: “A seeker?”

Mayor Smallcat gives the player the “A Very Important Pen” quest.

Mayor Smallcat: Seeker is a very important job. We need to fill out papers to make your appointment official. Hm… Where did my pen too?

The player must go to the Cafe location to find the mayor’s pen.

Mayor Smallcat: Thank you for finding my pen. It belonged to the previous mayor. He was a mysterious man. Rumor has it that he had a hiding place in this Office. Maybe we’ll find it some day.

I found the pen! It is the first item in the Stationery Kit Collection.

I have reached player Level 3 in Seekers Notes.

Mayor Smallcat: Everything is almost ready for you to fulfill your purpose. All we need is a bottle of ink. Would you be so good as to bring me one so we can sign your documents?

The player must solve the Treasure Box puzzle to find the bottle of ink.

I found the bottle of ink! It is the second item in the Stationery Kit Collection.

Mayor Smallcat solemnly signs and stamps the expensive parchment, and shakes your hand.

Mayor Smallcat: On behalf of all the residents, I congratulate you on your new position!

Mayor Smallcat: I don’t know who you are or how you ended up in Darkwood, but I’m sure of one thing: You were sent to use by destiny! You are the seeker, the one who will be able to defeat the Curse. Please accept this charter of your appointment as a seeker!

The player must click on: “Thank you for your trust”.

By decision of the town council, you are appointed to the post of Seeker of Darkwood. Town council chairman and May or Darkwood Felix Smallcat.

Mayor Felix Smallcat signed the parchment with green ink.

Helen: Congratulations on becoming a seeker! I knew you didn’t come here by chance. Who knows? Perhaps you really are our savior.

The player must click on: “Hurray! Thanks”.

Responsible Post: Mayor Smallcat was astounded at my ability to find missing items. But what amazed him the most is that I have the ancient artifact that once belonged to the legendary society of the First Seeker! I have no idea how I got the map, but the mayor is convinced that fate chose me to be the one to release Darkwood from the Curse. So, they decided to appoint me as seeker, a position of great responsibility. But my heart is filled with joy and a thirst for adventure! I believe I can help the city’s residents and save Darkwood from its terrible fate!

Mayor Smallcat: Seeker, your aid to the city residents comes at just the right time. I keep an account in my notebook of all the things that have gone missing in Darkwood, but now it has disappeared too. Please find it, the book is extremely valuable.

I leveled up the Cafe location to Amateur. Each location can be leveled up. Each time it happens, the location gets harder.

I found the book of missing items.

Mayor Smallcat: Well done. The townspeople now have nothing to fear. I’ll continue to keep my account of missing things, and you, in turn, will search for them. Deal?

The book is the third item in the Stationery Kit Collection.

Mayor Smallcat: Seeker, I just received a letter from Lady Ursula Byron. I went to open it, but I can’t seem to find my letter opener anywhere. Could you please help me find it?

I found the letter opener. It is the fourth item in the fourth item in the Stationery Kit Collection.

Mayor Smallcat: Lady Ursula considers it her duty to meet with you. You see, the position of seeker was introduced by the Founders, and the Byrons are all direct descendants of those Founders.

Mayor Smallcat: Seeker, I wrote an answer to Lady Byron’s letter, and now, I need an ink blotter to blot it before I can send it. When I was elected mayor of the city, my predecessor ceremonially presented me with his ink blotter. Please help me find it.

I found the ink blotter! It is the fifth item in the It is the Stationery Kit Collection.

Mayor Smallcat: The letter is ready to be sent, and you should prepare for a flood of invitations. Many will want to meet the seeker, as this position had been empty for many years before you arrived.

I now have all of the required items for the Stationery Kit. In addition, the player must also obtain one extra item. Fortunately, I managed to acquire five without knowing why I needed them.

Completing a collection uses up all of the required items that the player found through the corresponding quest chain. Leftovers stay put. It is possible to complete any Collection in Seekers Notes multiple times.

The completed Stationery Kit Collection puts together everything Mayor Smallcat asked the Seeker to find for him. It makes a stationery kit.

Here are the rewards for assembling the Stationery Kit.

Mayor Smallcat: Congratulations, you have completed your first task and proved that neither I nor Helen were mistaken about you. And as I said before, it is still not at all clear you you appeared in Darkwood.

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