Vaca and Neverlast spent most of their time running back and forth from Thunder Bluff and collecting quests. Little did they know that they would soon be fighting Ghost Howl.

The best way to hit Level 10 is when fighting two Flatland Cougars and a Swoop, while being healed by a Druid!

Neverlast and Vaca turned in the Thunderhorn Totem quest to Mull Thunderhorn. It was impossible not to notice the Kodo skin that was attached to the building behind him.

Mull Thunderhorn: Thank you, Vaca. The purity with which these beasts hunt is vital in the creation of the next cleansing totem.

The goblins will never learn the difference between contending with the land and living in harmony with it.

Mull Thunderhorn made a totem for us to use on the next water well.

Mull Thunderhorn: The totem is ready, Vaca. And again, it is your task to perform the ritual of cleansing.

Go to the Thunderhorn Water Well, north of the village, and use the Thunderhorn Cleansing Totem in your ritual. After you do this, return to me.

May the spirits guide you.

Skorn Whitecloud: Come closer, young one. In my time I could hear the flutter of a prey’s beating heart, but now you must speak up if you want your words heard.

He has a quest called The Hunters Way, and a story. I wanna hear a story!

Vaca: Tell me a story, Skorn.

Skorn Whitecloud: I have run through these plains for many, many seasons. And I had never been bested… until I faced Ghost Howl.

Long ago, the massive wolf was an ally to the Tauren and fought bravely against the Burning Legion. But he was wounded savagely by a demon, and the tear in his flesh never healed. Eventually … it drove Ghost Howl mad.

Now he roams the plains in agony, seeking an end to his pain. To my shame, when we fought I lacked the strength to slay him…

Skorn Whitecloud: You are eager to explore, I can tell. I too had the lust to wander, once…

Wander, and hunt. For hunting is a Tauren’s greatest honor.

If you truly wish to follow the ways of the hunter, then Melor Stonehoof can show you the path. He is in Thunder Bluff, on the Hunter’s Rise.

And to show him your skill and resolve, bring him the claws of the flatland prowlers of Mulgore. They are tough and cunning — fitting prey for a young warrior on the hunter’s path.

This quest requires the player to bring 4 Flatland Prowler Claws to Melor Stonehoof in Thunder Bluff.

It sounds like The Hunter’s Way should be for those who are playing the Hunter Class. But, that’s not so. My Tauren is a Warrior, and my friend’s Tauren is a Druid – and we were both able to accept this quest.

The Warrior Trainer at Bloodhoof Village is… all the way over there!

I wanted to speak with Krang Stonehoof because I’d finally hit Level 10, and I figured he’d have some skills for me to buy (or level up). I cannot remember what he offered, in part, because I got distracted by the Veteran Uzzek quest.

Krang Stonehoof: The Horde honors its warriors because their strength is unquestioned. But the truly great warriors are great students as well.

Seek out Uzzek. He is a veteran of many battles and now instructs young warriors in the ways of combat. You will find him south of Far Watch Post, the orc garrison on the border of the Barrens and Duortar to the east.

Vaca and Neverlast cleansed the Thunderhorn Well. If only it were this easy to clean up contaminated water in the real world!

Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem has a quest called The Barrens Oasis.

Arch Druid Hamull Runetotem: The druids of Thunder Bluff sense a strange power leaking into the Barrens, east of Mulgore.

Tonga Runetotem was sent to discover the source of this power, but we fear he will need aid.

Travel to the Barrens and speak with Tonga. He will be at the Crossroads. To reach there, take the road east out of Bloodhoof Village. Enter the Barrens, then turn north when the road forks. Continue north and you will find the Crossroads.

And do not leave the road, Vaca, for the Barrens is a harsh land.

It is good to take the time to enjoy the beauty of Azeroth. Thunder Bluff is lovely, even from far away.

Ruhauro, Magatha’s Servant, is located in Elder’s Rise in Thunder Bluff. He has two quests for us.

Ruhauro: Beneath the city of Orgrimmar, stout creatures known as trogs started coming to the surface from deep below the lava filled tunnels. In her ever-benevolence, Magatha sought to make peace with the creatures, but they turned on her diplomats, killing them. She will not allow such treatment of the Tauren people and now consider the creatures a threat to all of the Horde.

She asks that you put an end to this trogg threat before it overwhelms the Horde from below. Find Ragefire Chasm and destroy them all.

This quest requires players to search Orgrimmar for Ragefire Chasm, then kill 8 Ragefire Troggs and 8 Ragefire Shaman before returning to Rahauro in Thunder Bluff.

Next, Neverlast and Vaca returned to Bloodhoof Village to turn in the Thunderhorn Cleansing quest to Mull Thunderhorn.

Mull Thunderhorn: Ancestors of the Thunderhorn clan spoke to me in a dream, praising you for your actions near their well.

For their gratitude, they wish to give you this…

The reward is the Thunderhorn Cloak. If I remember correctly, it was better than the one I was using.

Mull Thunderhorn: There is but one water well left to cleanse, named after the Wildmane clan. For this well to be pure, the land must offer the teeth of a fierce predator, the prairie wolf alpha. Find the alphas to the north, then return to me when your hunt is finished.

Alphas often wander around the base of our mighty city, Thunder Bluff.

Just like that, we had to turn around and go right back to Thunder Bluff. This isn’t actually a complaint (though it may seem like one). Classic WoW involves a whole lot of running around – which players mostly do on foot. There are some flight points, but they are few and far between.

It helps of you go into this game knowing how much running around you will need to do on foot. The time spent “hoofing it” goes much faster if you play with a friend.

We ended up somewhere in Mulgore, not far from Thunder Bluff. Vaca got to use the aptly named Beatstick on some Prairie Wolf Alphas. This went well, thanks to Neverlast’s ability to heal.

After killing of one of several Prairie Wolf Alphas, another one snuck up behind Vaca and started attacking. She hit it with her Beatstick, assuming it was just another Alpha. Instead, it was none other than Ghost Howl!

By this point, Vaca was down about half of her hit points, and it was thanks to Neverlast that she was able to fight, and survive, the Ghost Howl battle.

Success! We killed Ghost Howl. A Demon Scarred Cloak magically appeared in our bags. Fortunately, we both had room for one more item. This spawns a new quest.

The Demon Scarred Cloak: The ragged hide of Ghost Howl still bears a terrible wound, gained from the wolf’s battles against the Burning Legion.

Perhaps someone in Bloodhoof Village should know of Ghost Howl’s demise…

This quest requires the player to “Find someone who knows of Ghost Howl.” We knew exactly which NPC to talk to. He’s the one that told us a story! If you still aren’t sure where to go, the rewards give a clue. Players can choose between Skorn’s Hammer and Skorn’s Rifle when they turn in the quest.

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