Seekers Notes is a game where the player becomes the Seeker and tries to solve mysteries and locate lost items. The game has an interesting story line and cast of characters.

These screenshots were taken in 2018.

Helen: Seeker, I think it could be in your interest to visit the train station, but today I receive the unfortunate news that the key to it is missing. You must find it to reach the train station.

The game includes a bunch of unique areas in which a player can hunt for hidden objects. Whenever the story line leads to a new location, the player must find the corresponding key.

In this case, the player is directed to visit the Mayor’s Office location.

I found the Train Station key.

Helen: They say that every day a ghost train appears at the train station accompanied by the sound of screeching wheels and whistling pipes. And then it disappears. The Curse must have resurrected ghosts from the past. I wonder what happened at the station all those years ago.

Lady Byron: Hello, Seeker. I’m Ursula Byron, a direct descendant of the Founders of our great town of Darkwood. I’ve heard quite a bit about you and your appearance. It’s a shame you met the mayor before meeting me.

Lady Byron is referring to Mayor Felix Smallcat, whom the player met while working on the quests connected to the Stationary Kit Collection.

I hit Level 4!

Lady Byron: Who wouldn’t be overjoyed to hear that you’ve been appointed to such an honored position? After all, we haven’t had a Seeker in… hmm… well, several decades. I believe you can help me, but we’d better talk somewhere more private.

The quest text gives a hint to the player: Search the Station.

I used the train station key to unlock the Train Station location.

I was able to find all of the required hidden objects in the Train Station location. Doing so will always result in at least one useful item.

Lady Byron: I’m glad you got here so quickly. Almost no one comes here since we were afflicted by the Curse. You see, the last train left Darkwood and never came back.

Lady Byron: If you can find our family’s oak walking stick I’ll be convinced that you’re just the man Darkwood needs.

I am aware that there is an old phrase that goes: “You’re the man for the job.” It’s possible that Lady Byron is simply using that phrase. It seems to me that Darkwood has been under a Curse for a long time, and it’s possible that the phrase hasn’t gone out of style yet. Darkwood is very isolated.

That said, it bothers me that the story line of the game is written in a way that presumes that the player is male. I think it would have been better if Lady Byron said “…you’re just the person Darkwood needs.”

I found the Old Walking Stick.

Lady Byron: That you could find my family heirloom in a such a short span of time is certainly praiseworthy. Now listen – the Curse that has afflicted our town appeared very suddenly. Nothing like it has ever happened before… and this terrifies us.

Lady Byron: Please try to find a bag with a false bottom – it belonged to my father.

I found the Bag with a false bottom.

Lady Byron: As you know, Darkwood was founded by the Founding Fathers. Legend has it there was a reason they chose this place to found the town.

Collector Achievement: You have assembled 1 collection.

What Collection did I assemble? That would be the Stationery Kit Collection.

Completing the Collector Achievement unlocks a new trophy. It also gives the player a ruby – which can be used to buy an item that can help players find one item in any location.

Helen: You can get a reward from a trophy every 12 hours! Continue unlocking achievements to upgrade trophies you have and get new ones!

Lady Byron: You really are a talented Seeker. Sometimes Smallcat gets things right. I’m convinced you’re just the person to find my great-grandmother’s lost antique chest.

Why does Lady Byron look so disapproving in the above screenshot? It is because the characters can blink. I took the screenshot at exactly the wrong moment.

This quest requires player to go to the Cafe location. That location must be in Silhouette mode, or it won’t drop the item that Lady Byron wants the player to find.

If you are lucky, the Cafe will be in the Silhouette mode. If not, then you will have to play through it – and finish it successfully – a few times before the Silhouette mode will appear.

I found the antique chest.

Lady Byron: A lot of things changed in our town once Smallcat came to power. I think the Curse appeared precisely because of him!

Lady Byron is very likely the richest person in Darkwood. She’s also among the oldest people who live there. It is not unusual for older people to fear change. That’s understandable.

However, it’s rather petty of Lady Byron to tell the Seeker that she thinks that the Curse was somehow caused by Mayor Smallcat. Put that together with what she said earlier, that it was a shame that the Seeker visited the Mayor before visiting her.

It sounds like Lady Byron was hoping to get the Seeker alone so she could influence them to dislike Mayor Smallcat as much as she does. Her words and attitude make her seem distrustful.

Lady Byron: I remember that my mother always wore an antique medallion. Do you think you could find it?

This quest requires the player to solve the Treasure Box puzzle.

I found the antique medallion.

Lady Byron: Thank you for finding the medallion! You’ve done me a real kindness, Seeker.

I reached Level 5! Doing so increases my maximum amount of energy by 5. A player uses energy every time they play a location. It is a limited resource that returns slowly, in real time. I also got 1 ruby.

Players who reach Level 5 can unlock the Fortune Teller (which is a crafter), and the Mosaic (which is a puzzle).

Lady Byron: We used to have a seal in the shape of our family crest that my uncle simply adored. Unfortunately, it was lost after the last member of our family left the post of mayor of Darkwood.

To find this item, the player must explore the Train Station.

Lady Byron’s uncle used to be the Mayor of Darkwood. He left the post (for reasons she doesn’t explain).

I found the Crest-Shaped Seal.

Lady Byron: In my opinion Darkwood was founded by a Byron. That means his descendant should be sitting in the mayor’s seat! Unfortunately, many people in Darkwood love Smallcat and have forgotten our town’s history.

In general, mayors are elected. Lady Byron doesn’t seem to like that idea. She thinks that it should always be one of her family members that holds the position of mayor, for no reason other than it was Byron who founded the town.

I’m not one to look kindly upon those who think they are entitled to an elected position due to nepotism. I’m not sure if Seekers Notes was intending to make Lady Byron unlikable – but that’s what they have achieved.

I have now found all of the items that are part of the Family Heirlooms Collection. This collection also requires an additional item before it can be completed. Fortunately, I had plenty of those.

Completing this collection uses up all of the items that are part of it. The result is a ring.

Here are the rewards for completing the Family Heirlooms Collection.

Lady Byron: Oh, just look, Seeker! It has our family crest on it! This is it – it’s the very ring! As a sign of my gratitude, please take my advice: the Curse has brought the very darkest aspects of Darkwood to light. Be careful.

It seems to me that one of the “darkest aspects of Darkwood” is Lady Byron’s attitude! Then again, it’s entirely possible that her bad attitude predates the Curse.

Completing this quest chain – and the collection it produces – adds information about Lady Byron into the Seekers Journal. Her chapter is called “The Noble Lady”.

I had a meeting with Ursula Byron, head of the Byron family, one of the most influential and respected families of Darkwood. Lady Byron was very wary of my appointment to the position of Seeker and therefore wanted to test my abilities. Fortunately, I passed her tests brilliantly. I think I’m starting to get used to my abilities, and my Map is very helpful. But back to Ursula Byron. From the conversation it became clear that things are strained between the Byrons and the Smallcats. Lady Byron argues that a true descendant of the Founders should be in charge of the city. Hopefully, in the future we will be able to reconcile the two families.

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