Shawn and I had more than an hour to play Diablo III together this time! When we started, my Demon Hunter, ThirtySeven, was at level 29. Shawn’s Barbarian, Smashez, was at level 28. They were about to run through the Keep Depths.

During their adventure, it became clear that Smashez has a last name – Stanzenfyr. (Say that one out loud).  He just cannot stop himself from hitting the barrels that have an oil lantern sitting on them. Seconds later, Smashez is standing in fire.

Chulock the Discordant, and his buddies, surrounded ThirtySeven. Giant tulip bulbs, everywhere!

We noticed something amusing about these creatures that resemble huge, sentient, tulip bulbs. They try and sneak up on you while you are attacking other monsters. Turn around, and they instantly stop moving: Oh no! She’s seen me! and then proceed to cover their “faces” with their “arms”. There! Now I’m invisible, therefore, safe. Bizarre!

Rarin’ to Go: Kill 50 rare enemies of the following types

Smashez Stanzenfyr, barely escaping the fire this time:

Ghom was an interesting fight. I’ve done this before, but I did not recall the glowing balls of goo that would follow players around the room. Is that new?

I really like the artwork in the cut scenes.


Pack of Demonic Hellflyers

Espionage: Read the following Quest lore books in Act III:

Battlefield Reports, Orders from Azmodan Part 1, Orders from Azmodan Part 2, Orders from Azmodan Part 3, Orders from Azmodan Part 4, Orders from Azmodan Part 5, Orders from Azmodan Part 6


Triage (Cooperative): Complete the Triage event in a cooperative game.

Shawn got both that achievement an the Triage one.

Pack of Reviled (trying to run away)

Smashez Stanzenfyr runs from the barrels he smashed, that are now on fire.

Zuul the Ghastly

We both got Historian of Arreat: Read the following World lore books in Act III:

Fall of the Barbarians Part 1, Fall of the Barbarians Part 2, Fall of the Barbarians Part 3, Fall of the Barbarians Part 4, Fall of the Barbarians Part 5, The History of Bastion’s Keep.

We decided to stop at the next Checkpoint, as it was getting late. Not a whole lot of progress was made other than picking up some interesting achievements.

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