We managed to make one more trip to the marketplace to stock up on provisions yesterday. The rain started shortly after we returned home.

It has been raining all night and through today, a good, strong, serious rain. With thunder! This blessed rain has not only knocked all the pollen out of the air, but also washed it off our vehicle, our home, and the streets.

Today I shall breathe very well indeed.

My husband is still sick from whatever “bug” he caught. Fortunately, we managed to collect up plenty of remedies from the marketplace yesterday.

The only complaint I have is that the rain makes my arthritic joints very unhappy. Even so, I’ll take that form of misery over what Spring pollen season usually inflicts upon me. It is a good trade.

Friends from far away have noticed that new Pokemon have started appearing where they are. We will have to wait until the rain stops to investigate what species have migrated here.

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